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December 15, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 12/15/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 12/15/2014 )

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

12.15.2014 – 12.21.2014


Fundamentals – Closed Guard

  • Grip Strips – As you move through your Jiu Jitsu career, you’ll begin to find that dominating the grip game is an almost guaranteed win. This week we’ll study how to beat somebody’s grip game.
  • Pendulum Series – The ability to throw your hips into moves is what gives them their power. This week we’ll study how to move our hips by learning the Pendulum Sweep and Pendulum Armbar.

Intermediate – Guard Passing

  • Mid Level Double Leg – We’ll continue working on our Mid Level Double Leg this week. studying how to break our partner’s defenses, and finish a strong take down.
  • Gurad Passing from Standing – This week we’ll continue to study our two fundamental passes, taking them to the feet. The Over and Under pass will help you understand the body positioning and pressure needed for all your other Guard Passes.

Kickboxing – Push Kicks

Push kicks, also known as “teeps,” are a great long-range weapon used in kickboxing designed to maintain distance between you and your opponent, or to off-balance your opponent during an attack. This week we will focus on proper push kick mechanics in order to generate power and full-extension of this tool. We will also add the push-kicks into our number system!

Fitness Challenge: Jump Squats and Mountain Climbers

Muay Thai – Elbows

Elbows are the highest scoring technique in Muay Thai, as well as the sneakiest technique. Since elbows are such a short-range weapon, most will be thrown after the distance has been closed with a combination or while in the clinch. This week we will look at horizontal, downward, and uppercut elbows and when and where to throw them.

Kids – Showing Respect

This week we’ll talk about what respect is, why you should respect somebody, and how to show that person you respect them.


  • Little Tigers – We’re studying take down defense and counters this week. We’ll start by learning how to sprawl, then how to take our partner’s back.
  • Tigers – This week we’ll be putting some moves together. Starting form our feet, we’ll learn how to both take our partner’s back off a sprawl, and how to pull guard into a quick armbar.
  • Advanced Tigers – We’ll start to build our Mount escape game this week, reviewing the basic technique, and learning how to use our escapes together to create a game more powerful than just the sum of its parts.

Muay Thai

Continuing with our combination of footwork and punches this week, we’ll study some more advanced techniques.


  • The In-House Muay Thai Smoker is this weekend! Be sure and come out and support your ETC fighters while they gain some valuable experience. It will be on Saturday the 20th from 12pm – 4pm. It will be a pot luck, so if you’re coming to support, feel free to bring a side dish or beverages for the festivities after the fights. Hope to see you all there!
  • ETC Littleton/Highlands Ranch has completed the relocation and will now be ETC Centennial! The address is 5170 E. Arapahoe Rd. Suite E2. Drop by and check it out if you’re in the area.


Change is a necessary part of growth. All things are always changing. Some changes are fast, but many are very slow…so slow that they can not even be seen by the naked eye. Things are changing nevertheless. Do not fear change…it is inevitable.



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