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March 12, 2017

Focus of the Week (3/13/17)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (3/13/17)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

3.13.2017 – 3.19.2017


Fundamentals – Single Legs and Back Escapes

  • Low-Level Single Leg – We recently looked at the double leg takedown. The decision of whether to go for the double or the single leg has to do with our opponent’s stance. When our opponent has the same foot forward as us, this is perfect for a double leg. When the partner has the opposite foot forward, mirroring us, this is when we want to use the single leg. Let’s really focus on getting a good level change, keeping our head up and to the inside of the hip, and clasping our hands tightly (Gable grip).
  • Back Escapes – Last week we focused on attacking the back, and this week we will focus on escaping the back. We will go over grip fighting in order to protect ourselves from being submitted, and then we will look at both the “safe side” and “risky side” escapes.

Intermediate – Hip Throw and Guard Passing

  • Renzo Hip Throw – Also known as the Renzo Hip Throw, this throw utilizes the momentum of an attacker to toss them easily to the ground.
  • Knee Through the Middle Pass – This is a great series of passes, especially for little people.

Kickboxing – Knees

This week in Kickboxing, we focus on a dangerous mid-range and short-range weapon: the knee. We will look at the mechanics and usage of the straight knee and the angled knee, as well as the skip knee and the barn door knee from the inside position in the “clinch.”

Muay Thai – Switch Series, Shifting, and Dutch Rush

This week in Muay Thai, we will look at some fancier footwork options that have offenseive and defensive applications: switching, shifting, and Dutch Rush. As always, based on a given scenario, we can use these footwork techniques to either create new angles of attack, close down the pocket, or create space from our opponent. We will examine all 3 techniques and their applications within the sport.


Dream Big
“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled path to mediocrity.” -Mohammad Ali
One of the reasons I teach is that I believe anyone can do anything they put their mind to if they want it badly enough. If you want to reach your fitness goals badly enough, then you will, no question. I’m not just talking about your fitness goals though. One thing that people say a lot is to have dreams that are attainable. I disagree with that logic, because then you will never work hard enough to realize your full potential. I genuinely believe that resources are not as limited as we are led to believe. The people who are successful and achieve in life are the ones who don’t impose self-limitations, and are not discouraged by missteps and setbacks. Like everything in life, the dreams that are the most rewarding to realize are the ones that have the hardest paths. I challenge all of you to take that chance and to take that path. Go home, think about what it is you really want to do, and start chasing it. It sounds cliché, but I think most things that sound cliché are that way because there is inherent truth in them. If your dream doesn’t scare you, even a little bit, then you’re doing it wrong.



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