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February 27, 2017

Focus of the Week (2/27/17)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (2/27/17)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

2.27.2017 – 3.5.2017


Fundamentals – Double-Leg and Triangle Choke

  • Low-Level Double-Leg Takedown – The double leg is a fundamental takedown in BJJ, and a movement that every practitioner should understand. From a proper wrestling stance, we will focus on changing our level and shooting on our opponent’s legs.
  • Triangle Choke – The triangle is a perfect move for self defense and sport jiu jitsu. It’s important for us to focus firstly on breaking our partners posture and making sure they can not land strikes on us. Secondly when we feel safe we will learn how to set up our triangle and avoid striking damage, and getting stacked on our neck by under hooking our partners leg.

Intermediate – Arm Drag to Double Leg, and Knee on Belly

  • Arm Drag to Double-Leg Takedown – Setting up the double leg with the arm drag is a simple and effective way to take the fight to the mat.
  • Knee on Belly – Knee on belly is a dynamic and effective way to attack from side control. This week we will focus on basic movement from this position, as well as some simple chokes.

Kickboxing – Reloads and Weight Distribution

One of the most fundamental principles of fighting is learning how to effectively use your weight to generate power in your strikes. This week, we will focus on transferring our weight properly between our lead leg and our rear leg while throwing strikes. We will also look at a technique called “reloading,” which allows us to throw the same-side strike two times in a row, with power. Once we learn to shift our weight properly, we will look at “posting” and “framing,” which are techniques used to control the opponent and create rhythm breaks in our attack patterns. These prove to be very useful and cause confusion to the opponent! Weight shifting will play a key role in your striking development, so pay attention this week and get some good repetitions in!

Muay Thai – Teep Defense and Counters

Last week we focused on the use of the teep in class, so this week we will look at common ways to defend and counter the teep and push kick. Like with all kicks, there are several types of defenses based on the scenario. This week, we will look at redirecting, catching, and evading teeps, and the various counters that are associated with these.


Don’t Put off Until Tomorrow What We Can Do Today
I’m obviously preaching to the choir because clearly all of you are here bettering yourselves, and aren’t home sitting on the couch watching TV like a large majority of people. Still, I think it is incredibly important to hear from time to time the importance of initiative, and not putting the things off for tomorrow that could be done today. This is why I have never believed in New Year’s resolutions. If something is important enough that it is on our list of things to do, then waiting for an arbitrary date to begin is a disservice to ourselves. At some point, all of you made a decision to put your health and fitness on that list, and I am proud of all of you for getting in here and working hard. Pat yourself on the back for having the courage and gumption to get in here and work out today, instead of waiting for tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is not a luxury that anyone is promised…So today is what we have.



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