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July 15, 2019

Focus of the Week ! 07/15/2019

Carlos Espinosa

Focus of the Week ! 07/15/2019

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

7.15.2019 – 7.21.2019




  • Drills: De La Riva Series
  • Takedown: Side Clinch Series
  • Ground: Half Guard Bottom (Gordo Series)


Kickboxing – Boxing

This week in Muay Thai, we will focus on the Sweet Science of Boxing! However, boxing in Muay Thai is very different than traditional boxing. We will examine some of the differences between the two, and how to better use our punching in Muay Thai to allow us to employ our other weapons successfully.

Muay Thai – Clinch Week 2/2

This week, we will continue our focus of the clinch, or in Thai, “plum.” We will use what we learned last week and focus on applying our techniques and concepts in low intensity, low speed, “live” rounds. The more time we spend inside the clinch/grapple, the more comfortable we will become there! Respect

Kids – Respect

“What’s it mean?” (Showing that people/places/things are important to us) “Why does it matter?” (Because we treat important things a certain way, and ESPECIALLY if WE want that good treatment, we need to be giving it out. If we want to be respected, we have to show respect.) “Once there was a Jiu-Jitsu Professor who noticed that one of his Gray Belt students wasn’t showing respect to his teachers or classmates. So he asked the student why he wasn’t showing respect. The student said, “but I do have a lot of respect for my teachers and fellow students, it’s just on the inside of me, so I shouldn’t have to show it on the outside.” Then the Professor told the student to close his eyes and hold his arms out to the side, and he took the students gray belt and replaced it with a white belt.” “When the student looked down to the white belt on his waist he was shocked and almost started to cry. Then he said, “Professor, I have worked so hard for my belt and now you put a white belt on my-why?” The Professor asked the student, “Are you still a blue belt on the inside?” The student answered, “Yes.” Then the Professor said, “Then it shouldn’t matter what is on the outside.” and walked away.” “What do you think the student learned?” (he wasn’t being very respectful) “Is showing respect on the outside important? Why?” (YES! It’s the only way your respect is FELT or NOTICED, and people deserve to feel it) “Who deserves our respect?” (big answer is EVERYBODY, any specific person/group is also a good answer) “How can we show it???” -Listening when people talk. -Being Kind -Being Disciplined, and following the rules (which are important) -Being careful (you wouldn’t break something important) “If you want people to treat you respectfully, like you are important, than you have to show that same respect. And SHOWING it is everything. Be good at making people notice your respectful attitude. It’s a great thing to be known for. _________ here is fantastic at always going above and beyond to show me respect, and I FEEL it guys. I can tell that ________ respects me and I’m SO happy to get to work with people like that- and I definitely try to show that same respect back. Let’s see if anybody else goes above and beyond to make somebody else feel important today…”

Little Tigers

  • BJJ – Position – Mount Escapes Ground – Trap and Roll

Tigers – White Belt

  • Standing – Side-Clinch
  • Ground – Frame Escapes Position – Headlock Escapes

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Guard Pull to Hook Sweep
  • Ground – Ezekiel Position – Mount Attacks


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Thoughts – The Importance of Self Awareness

A discrepancy between how you think you are perceived by others and how you are actually viewed exists in most of us. It is important to be aware of this discrepancy–at least in the abstract. We should all strive to be more self-aware, and pay closer attention to how our actions may affect and influence others. In doing so, we can aim to be better people in the world.



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