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August 12, 2019

Focus f the Week 08/12/2019

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Focus f the Week 08/12/2019

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

8.12.2019 – 8.18.2019




  • Drills: Split the Middle (Knee Slice)
  • Takedown: Front Headlock & Sprawls
  • Ground: Gift Wrap from Mount + Back Take / Armbar


Kickboxing – Leg Kicks

Weekly Write Ups 08/12 – 08/18 KICKBOXING: LEG KICKS This week in Kickboxing, we will focus on attacking the legs of our opponent with low kicks! When executed properly, low kicks can be a devastating weapon that keeps our opponent from being able to move, attack with any power, or defend. We will examine the types of low kicks, as well as how/when to throw them. Get to chopping this week!

Muay Thai – Round Kick Defense and Counters

We will follow last week’s focus of round kick offense with how to properly defend the middle kick this week! We will use your 5 common types of defense: block, redirect, catch, evade, and intercept, and see how they apply to the round kick in particular. We will also examine rules and scoring as they pertain to the defenses of the kick. Pick up your blocks, this week!

Kids – Hygiene

“Having good hygiene is how we take care of ourselves so that we stay nice and healthy. Most of the things I do to have good hygiene will turn into habits, because I will do them over and over so much.” “What are some good hygiene habits I should work on; how do I stay clean?” (Bath/shower, washing hands/face, shampoo, hand washing, teeth brushing, etc) “Whatabout when I think i’m sick? Am I going to go spread my sickness to all my friends??” (NO!) “ALWAYS give yourself time to get better before getting around a bunch of people.” “Be the type of person who is good at taking care of yourself. We can always tell who is and who isn’t. Those who aren’t very good at staying healthy end up sick at home all the time. If you take care of yourself then you’ll be right here kicking my butt.” “Don’t miss out on the fun, Everybody say it nice and loud: Hygiene!”

Little Tigers

  • Game – Tackle the Giant

Tigers – White Belt

  • Standing – Pulling Guard
  • Ground – Triangle from the Guard

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Underhook to Single Leg
  • Ground – Sleeve Collar Triangle from Guard, (Push Pull no-gi)


  • August 24th we have our Muay Thai Smoker! Come out and watch out teammates throw down and showcase their skills. Food trucks and drinks will be present as well! All classes cancelled on the 24th.

Thoughts – We are a Diverse Group – Please be Respectful of Others

The Easton Community is a diverse group, and that is something we are proud of. We are a place for everyone to train and grow as individuals. We are a sanctuary and a second home to our members. Always remember this, and remember the impact you have on others. The things you say, the things you do, and the way you talk to others all have an impact on our community. Please make sure that you are having a positive impact and going out of your way to make feel people welcome. This includes: not using foul language, not making jokes at the expense of others, and always making sure we are mindful of others’ feelings. If you see someone not acting in accordance with our values, do not chastise them, but rather kindly let them know that their behavior needs improvement. Be tactful, be kind and represent who we are well.



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