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September 2, 2013

Focus of the Week

Mike Tousignant

Focus of the Week

Easton Academies Curriculum/Announcements/Speech

9/2/13 – 9/8/13



Muay Thai

Fundamentals: Attacking the body

Intermediate: Using combos to attack the body

Need some Muay Thai motivation, click here!!!


Fundamentals: Defending Rear Bear Hug,Triangle Choke

Intermediate: Armbar From Side Pt. 1, Pt. 2

Black Belt:  Knee On Belly – Bottom



The Muay Thai smoker was a great success. Make sure to congratulate those that competed. Also make sure to check in for the next Smoker. It will be happening soon, so talk to your coaches to sign up if you are interested.

The Easton fighters did a great job this past week at the UFC. Make sure to check out the results with your coaches. Congratulations to Brandon Thatch on his victory at his UFC debut.


 Belief can move mountains.  That’s a popular saying that has been around for ages…there is a reason for thinking like this.  It’s true!  Believing you can do something immediately brings it into the realm of possibility.  At some point, someone believed they could fly.  People probably told them they were crazy, but they believed.  Today flight is possible for everyone.  Don’t be restricted in your belief…believe so you can achieve!  Whatever it is…you can do it!


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