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August 9, 2010

Focus of the Week August 9 – 15

Amal Easton

Focus of the Week August 9 – 15

Mid-level double, Armbar and Triangle from the Guard, and Collar Chokes from the back.

Fundamentals- Please note this has arm bar and triangle, the technique this week is to focus on arm bar, if time and skill in class is ready for triangle as well then you can add but its not part of the curriculum this week. Make sure arm bars are solid!!!
Fundamentals stand up- Mid level double
Intermediate – Collar Chokes (A & B with legs); arm bar; No GI: Turtle (to RNC; to side control)- this video can be expanded upon especially with the work you can do with the legs to get them up on the shoulder and closing guard to strip grip or knee on back of head for more leverage. Check back for Nogi vid real soon!




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