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October 16, 2023

Open Communication: From An Easton Coach To You

Omar Taher

Open Communication: From An Easton Coach To You

Openly communicating is like building a bridge that connects two islands together.

When we communicate with honesty and empathy, we use that bridge to share resources and grow each of our own worlds. Without the communication bridge, we’re left to our own limited resources and technology.

So, why not take advantage of the fact that we’re stronger when we work together?

A coach’s perspective

I’m grateful to be a Jiu Jitsu coach, to share what I love with others. There’s nothing that hits quite the same.

In the last few years, I’ve seen countless transformations. From out of shape to in shape, from insecure to confident, and from uncertain to grounded.

Omar Taher

There’s nothing like Jiu Jitsu in my eyes. It’s a great vehicle to self-discovery if you allow it to be and an even better one for getting and staying healthy.

99% of the time, everyone gets a great session in, along with all the endorphins from training, and walks off into the sunset. *End scene*

But sometimes, miscommunications happen.

Someone walks in with an injury and doesn’t communicate that to their partner or their coach.

In other cases, there are disagreements on the mat which may lead to hostile energy.

In both of these situations, injuries become more prone to happen.

Misunderstandings. Bickering. Drama. You know, all the human stuff.

Throughout the years, I’ve developed the sense to sniff out this bad juju like a dog smelling salami from a couple blocks away.

But it’s not perfect, and I need your help.

As staff and guides of the academy, we work together to curate your experience into a positive one so that you wholly enjoy training at Easton, but it wouldn’t be complete without the aid of our students.

For that, I request one thing from you: on (and off) the mat, I’d like an open line of communication.

Tell me if you’re injured. If you need it, I will give you my suggestion based on what I’ve seen. Tell your partner when you’re injured. They will be more aware of it than if you didn’t tell them! And if you have a bad experience with someone, or even me, tell me.

You help yourself by advocating for you. And you help others by making us aware of the issue at hand, thereby preventing it from happening again.

Remember, we can’t do anything for you if you don’t let us know. While we may seem like we have superpowers because of our awesome Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai (ha!), telepathy is not one of them.

I know it can feel a little awkward to have conversations like that. But remember: injury, bad experience, or anything else, it’s important to practice the skill of communicating even when it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes, especially when it’s uncomfortable.

This will spill over to all other aspects of your life. Look at it simply as a part of life — having talks that don’t feel easy in the moment, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You’ll feel a lot better that you’ve gotten it off your chest once the conversation is over.

I speak on behalf of all coaches, staff and leadership here at Easton: we invite all of you to communicate with us! Talk to us when you need something, tell us how you feel. If something’s bothering you, get it off your chest. Let us know how we can help you.

I promise that we’ll return the favor and stay open with you as well. Anything we need from you, we’ll ask. If something’s going on, we will communicate.

We want you to feel informed and confident every time you walk into the academy. And if you don’t, we want to know.

Train hard and have fun, friends.

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