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Jon Thomas BJJ Seminar

Jon Thomas BJJ Seminar recap:

Professor Jon Thomas, a BJJ Black Belt, 2x IBJJF World Champion and 3x IBJJF Pan Champion taught an exclusive 3-hour seminar in the gi at Easton Denver on Sunday, February 25, 2024.

Our Denver academy filled with a whopping 97 of you in attendance, from 2-stripe white belts to black belts!

Jon’s philosophy comes down to honing the cerebral aspects of Jiu Jitsu as rigorously as the physical, tapping into pattern-recognition and the ability to make good choices at the right moment.

The trick is making your body adapt and understand when the best time to make a move is. Hard rounds are important, but they don’t help you identify the right timing for moves the way reflection, analysis and completely clearing your mind does.” – Jon Thomas

Local photographer Matthew Barton captured the event in this mini photo collection below. (Excludes above photo)

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