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February 27, 2024

Easton Photographer of the Month: Matthew Barton

Tatyana Grechina

Easton Photographer of the Month: Matthew Barton

Each month we want to bring you the latest of what’s happening around the academy, from our IG’s hottest picks to showcasing the photographers who capture our community.

All of you are crushing it, showing up and training hard week after week, and we love making those memories! While your academies’ Instagrams do a great job of capturing the feel of each community, from fun TikTok challenges to training clips and videos from behind the desk, now you can peek behind the lens of photographer Matthew Barton as he documents moments across our Easton academies.

We wish we could share them all but that would take all day, and you’ve got training to do! So today, we’ve got snapshots from three of our Easton schools.

What’s happening at Easton Lowry.

We’re stoked to have opened our 9th academy last October with Easton Lowry! You’ve been waiting for a spot to train in this location for a long time, and we were finally able to do it. Led by Coach Daniel Groom as its General Manager, with Professor Junior Fidelis as Head BJJ Coach along with Professor Amy Fidelis, the academy has only thrived and grown.

Catch our interview with GM Daniel Groom! 

What’s happening at Easton Longmont

Having opened just in 2020, Longmont was our last baby right up until Lowry was born. Since its pre-pandemic opening (yep, you read that right. January 2020, baby!) Easton Longmont has over doubled in size! Led by Professor Phil Lietz, the academy has grown into a vibrant community with a full team of knowledgeable staff and experienced coaches which range from fighters to farmers.

What’s happening at Easton Denver

Easton Denver is one of our oldest schools, opening its doors in 2007 as our second academy after our Boulder flagship. It has also sprouted many of our most competitive athletes, like professional fighters Drew Dober and Bojan Velickovic. Today, Professor Carlos Espinosa heads up Easton Denver as its GM, and this location still holds many of our all-Easton seminars!



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