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October 16, 2018

Fight to Win Pro 92

Sachi Ainge

Fight to Win Pro 92

[vc_row row_type=”row” text_align=”left” css_animation=””][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text el_class=”alert-box”]You know what time it is! Fight to Win Pro returns to Denver on November 3rd. A full card of professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu match-ups, featuring some of your Easton BJJ favorites. This time around, fights will begin at 2:00 PM. There are seventeen Easton matches on the card, and it’s going to be an incredible show! Come out and show your support as these competitors put it all on the line in front of the crowd at the National Western Complex.


Saturday 11/3
Doors at 1:30 PM
National Western Complex 


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Main Event

175lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Isiah Wright (Easton BJJ) vs Bill Cooper (Paragon)

Co Main Event

Heavy Weight Black Belt Gi
Adam Wheeler (Prime BJJ) vs Stephen Hall (Alliance)


Heavy Weight Black Belt No-Gi
Gabe Beauperthuy (The Community) vs Foster Bailey (Easton BJJ)

200lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Don Westman (Colorado BJJ) vs Jeff Ake (Easton BJJ)

175lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Phil Lietz (The Sanctuary) vs Alvin Robinson (Royce Gracie)

165lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Tim Galluzzi (Easton BJJ) vs Nick Marr (Edge MMA)

150lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Vellore Caballero (Easton BJJ) vs Howie Spratte (Waza Jiu Jitsu)

Welter Weight Brown Belt Masters Gi Title Fight
Dan Humke (The Kompound) vs Daniel Villanueva (LCCT)

Fly Weight Purple Belt Female No-Gi Title
Mo Black (Prime BJJ) vs Crystal Demopolous (GFT)

Feather Weight Female Teen No-Gi Title
Jaidyn Mueller (Katharo) vs Emily Fernanedez (Bastos BJJ)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi
Dylan Miller (Nova Mente) vs Joe Miles (Zs Training Gym)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi
Dc Hazen (Greenwood BJJ) vs Jay Shellhammer (Soul Fighters)

180lbs Brown Belt Gi
David wenig (Wyo Faction) vs Paul Gummerson (303 Training Center)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi
Jalen Reyes (Way Of Jiu Jitsu) vs Eric Coe (Jubera Jiu Jitsu)

165lbs Brown Belt Gi
Aaron Porter (Easton BJJ) vs Thomas Barr (Dark Horse)

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Josh Huber (Kompound) vs Bret Hernandez (Zingano)

145lbs Brown Belt Gi
Lucas Wertman (Summitt County Jiu Jitsu) vs Casey Pratt (Gracie Barra)

300lbs Purple Belt Gi
Eddie Sisneros (Renegade BJJ) vs Michael Clark (Kompound/Guardian Gym)

205lbs Purple Belt Gi
Joe Fishburn (Easton BJJ) vs Daniel Pacherres (Jit Pit)

200lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Kit Croop (Colorado BJJ) vs Austen Brinker (Prime BJJ)

195lbs Purple Belt Gi
Daniel Calvert (Prime BJJ) vs Eli Corte (The Farm)

180lbs Purple Belt Gi
Douglas Cuomo (Summit County Jiu Jitsu) vs Carlos Garcia (303 Training Center)

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Chris Messina (Easton BJJ) vs Devin Henry (Cheyenne BJJ)

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Josh Baerwolf (Easton BJJ) vs Lewi Gault (Colorado BJJ)

175lbs Purple Belt Gi
Josh Shuman (The Sanctuary) vs Steven Fletcher (The Kompound)

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jake Hartner (Easton BJJ) vs Bryan Brescia (Katharo)

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
Bobby Ryan (Element BJJ) vs Britt Heaps (Zingano BJJ)

165lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Carlos Espinosa (Easton BJJ) vs Nicholas Compton (Genesis Training Academy)

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
Dalton Grinstead (Easton BJJ) vs Alec Cotner (Nova Mente)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Courtney King (Z’s Training gym) vs Elizabeth Huddleston (Easton BJJ)

155lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Joe Connor (Easton BJJ) vs Dan Dykeman (The Kompound)

145lbs Purple Belt Gi
Ashley Bilak (Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu) vs Erin Stolzman (Easton BJJ)

140lbs Purple Belt Gi
Derek Alumbaugh (Easton BJJ) vs Trevor Polhamus (Catalyst BJJ)

115lbs Purple Belt Gi
Tessa Neely (Jubera Jiu Jitsu) vs Karla Shellhammer (Soul Fighters)

110lbs No-Gi
Natalie Salcedo (Warrior Fitness Center) vs Ana Mayordomo (Easton BJJ) 

115lbs Orange Belt Gi
Savannah Cosme (The Sanctuary) vs Saelah Pescevic (Easton BJJ)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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