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August 19, 2022

Easton’s Summer Belt Promotion: Looking Back

Tatyana Sharpton

Easton’s Summer Belt Promotion: Looking Back

As August soon draws to a close, we reflect on some special moments from this summer. 

One of these moments includes our Easton Training Center Summer BJJ Belt Promotion Ceremony!

It’s always a special occasion when all of Easton gets together, bringing communities from eight of our academies into the same room and amplifying the impact that one martial arts organization can have on hundreds of lives and friendships.

It’s extra special, however, when we gather to honor the progress, will-power and dedication that those people who make up our community have shown. 

Who we are is defined by what we’re willing to struggle for, and moments like these remind us that our struggles are not in vain.

We work hard for values we believe in, and though we don’t do it for the recognition, it’s a beautiful moment when we can all share in the recognition of everybody’s hard work.

Easton Training Center is consistently in awe of its students, coaches and staff who make the entire operation possible and continue to feed the magic of our existence.

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