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October 12, 2009


Amal Easton


We have many students up for belt promotions from all of our academies. Check out the list!!!

Congratulations to everyone for their hard work on and off the mat!

Blue Belt Candidates:

  • Barrows, Andrew
  • Bierhaus, Heather
  • Busse, Blake
  • Cooney, Patrick
  • Erkhart, Christopher
  • Espinosa, Andrew
  • Fichtner, Garrett
  • Gonzalez, Jose
  • Joo, Philip
  • Kolanowski, Elizabeth
  • Mack, Andrew
  • Martinez, Javier
  • Martinez, Rick
  • Moreira, Newton
  • Pickette, Monte
  • Quintana, Gabe
  • Robbins, Ray
  • Sanchez, Chris
  • Sellers, Charlie
  • Simpson, Jeffery
  • Tanza, Gianni
  • Valenski, Neilsun
  • Ware, Joseph
  • Wallis, Phillip
This is a list of possible Blue Belt promotions. Blue belt candidates should have material on the blue belt technique checklist (blue belt page only) signed off by testing day. Blue belt candidates will not need the White belt stripe checklist done, but should be very familiar with the techniques as you may be asked to demonstrate some of those techniques. Testing will be held the weekend prior to promotions, with an opportunity to retest during the week should it be required.

Purple Belts:

  • Berger, Scott
  • Chase, Joey
  • Delman, Reid
  • Erkhart, Jeff
  • Hopper, Nick
  • Long, Mark
  • Velarde, Kevin
  • Wakkinen, Jami
  • Whitsoe, Scott

Brown Belts:

  • Ariola, Atom
  • Basile, Tony
  • Sanchez, Robert
  • Hordinski, Steve

Black Belt:

  • Lopez, Erwin

Belt Promotions will be held November 14th. Location to be announced.


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