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January 26, 2019

Arvada January Newsletter

Caroline O'Connell

Arvada January Newsletter

January’s starting the year off strong! We are so happy to see so many students in our classes this month!


Grappling Industries


On January 12th, several Easton students and Professor Jeff competed at Grappling Industries. Jeff Ake, Luke McCrone, Heather Cerna and Shane Record had great matches. Standout performance by Heather Cerna who won all three of her matches. Congratulate these students for competing against difficult opponents!  

Member of the Month

Stephanie Castro is January’s member of the month! Stephanie has been training Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai for six months at Easton Arvada and has shown tremendous dedication. She started training because she would always wrestle her dad, and he knew martial arts would be something she would excel at. Additionally, Stephanie stepped out of her comfort zone and competed in the last in house tournament! We are very proud of her bravery and commitment to martial arts!


Jason Rau Seminar

Around 50 Easton students came out for the Jason Rau Seminar. This seminar covered the Danaher Back Control System, and how to get there from difficult positions. He also went over setting up grips from mount and side control, repositioning your body to get your opponent into your backmount. All in all, this was a great seminar and we look forward to seeing Jason again!

Coming Up…

Belt promotions



We will be holding an all academy belt promotion and randori on Saturday, February 9th at the Denver academy. The randori will begin at eleven with the promotion at noon. Even if you are not receiving a promotion, this event allows you to gain insight on the other Easton gyms and members!

Fight To Win Pro

Nick Gamez will be competing at the Fight To Win Pro on February 8th! This event is a great way to show your friends and family what Jiu Jitsu is all about! It is also an opportunity to support our fellow Easton Coaches and students who are competing. Lastly, the Fight to Win Pro brings together Jiu Jitsu fans from across the state, proving itself to be “The Biggest Party in Grappling.” Buy your tickets here, and be sure to select Nick Gamez as your fighter of choice!




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