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February 26, 2011

Aerobic-Anaerobic Exercise & Jiu Jitsu in Arvada, Colorado

Amal Easton

Aerobic-Anaerobic Exercise & Jiu Jitsu in Arvada, Colorado

Whether training for, or competing in, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing or even Mixed Martial Arts in Arvada, there are two main types of exercise that can increase our performance – aerobic and anaerobic. What’s even better is that the benefit of combining these two types is simply astounding.

Exercises in Jiu Jitsu - Aerobic & AnaerobicAerobic Exercise:

  • Is connected to your cardiovascular system – heart, blood vessels and veins. The whole body benefits from aerobic exercise and the system that delivers blood throughout the body is developed. Because blood carries essential oxygen and nutrients, the whole body benefits.
  • Aerobic exercise is often undertaken over a longer session.
  • Is physical exercise that gets your heart rate up. Your breathing is increased.
  • Increases the health of our cardiovascular and respiratory system. It produces stronger and more efficient heart and lungs. Consequently, your heart works less when resting and you’re also able to train and perform at a higher level.
  • Aerobic exercise lowers cholesterol and reduces blood pressure.

Anaerobic Exercise:

  • Involves activities like resistance training and weights.
  • Is used to increase strength, speed and develop muscle.
  • Anaerobic exercise is targeted at improving your performance in activity that’s in short bursts and is intensive.
  • Helps to develops lean muscle; control weight; stop the loss of muscle that occurs as we age or through inactivity; and, reduces blood pressure.

Mixing Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise:

Of course, in general, aerobic and anaerobic exercise promotes weight loss; increases energy; fights and prevents illness; and, has positive psychological benefits. Exercise is particularly important in battling some types of depression. One of the best ways to decrease Type II diabetes is by participating in both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

To help improve your training performance, both aerobic and anaerobic exercise is important. To gain maximum benefit from your training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Arvada, working on both aerobic and anaerobic fitness is essential.


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