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Littleton News: January 2020

Happy 2020! New Year, New Coaches, New Classes We are excited for another tremendous year at Easton Littleton, and we invite you all to visit our online schedule at the link below. In the next few months be on the look out for highlights on…


The Night Before Easton

– Coach E ‘Twas the night before Santa, when all through the schoolNot a tiger was roaring, no jumping jacks too;The ornaments hung by the tinsel with care, In hopes that Professor soon would be there;The tigers at home snug in their beds,While visions of triangles…


Littleton News: December 2019

Children’s Hospital Donation Drive is Live! Easton Holiday Donation Drive You may have heard coaches announce that we are teaming up, as Easton does every year, with the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Our academy has elected to support the South Campus, and we received their…