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January 13, 2020

Littleton News: January 2020

Esteban Terrazas

Littleton News: January 2020

Littleton Tiger
Littleton Tigers have fun in the snow. You’re right Ava, Easton is number 1!

Happy 2020!

New Year, New Coaches, New Classes

We are excited for another tremendous year at Easton Littleton, and we invite you all to visit our online schedule at the link below. In the next few months be on the look out for highlights on all of the new members to our bjj coaching team. We’ve added a Tues/Thurs noon fundamentals section and Saturday we spiced things up by making class All Levels. Sunday will continue to round out the weekend with 11:00 am Randori! New members of our Adult coaching team in italics:

  • Coach Theresa Neff, Blue Belt
  • Coach Andrew Skaggs, Brown Belt
  • Coach Bojan Velickovic, Purple Belt
  • Coach Gail Mosey, Purple Belt
  • Coach Matt Sepulveda, Purple Belt
  • Coach Eddie Maestas
  • Coach Nick Mavrick, Dept Head, Adult Bjj
  • Professor Jeremy Mast
  • Professor Peter Straub, GM

Accepting Little Challenges

by Esteban Terrazas

As we all embark on a new year, I wanted to take a quick moment to wish everyone the best as we work towards big goals, whether that be a black belt or a promotion at work. These huge goals can quickly make us feel like we are drowning, often many of us keep saying yes or adding so much on our plates the path can look like a steep, treacherous path. Remember to breathe, and start to dissect the big goal into smaller, manageable tasks. These “little challenges” look like fun paths to walk along, and that is what this should all be about. Last thing, you have friends at the academy, and your coaches and Professors are here because we care, and we want everyone to be a black belt, on and off the mats. If you have something going on that we can support, please let us know. Coach Caleb shared the following, and now I share with all of you because it is a great daily reminder:

“Growth is uncomfortable because you’ve never been here before – you’ve never been this version of you. So give yourself a little grace and breathe through it” – K. Lohr

Contributing to the Solution

by Coach Nick Mavrick

How Easton Brown Belt Robert Chavez is heeding the public call for better training for law enforcement officers
“People are mad at the police…”
Everyone is mad at everyone. Have you been online? It’s a hard place to have a good time.
One of the many divisive conversations going on across the country right now, and for the past several years, is the quality of policing. Without question, the police have become more militarized over the last decade-and-a-half. And there is no doubt that we have seen more and more footage of poorly-trained officers in situations out of their depth or being overly aggressive.
It raises the question: has it always been this way? Are there just more cameras out there to catch the misbehavior? Or are criminals more aggressive? Are police overworked and over-stressed? Is this a harder job than many of us knew or were willing to believe?
Even the reasonable voices on social media and in news outlet comment threads are saying that we need better police training. And maybe they’re right.
“Quick! Somebody call a…dentist?”
Enter a 52 year-old endodontist…

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