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November 26, 2019

#TisTheSeasonForEaston We Thank Coach Mike

Caroline O'Connell

#TisTheSeasonForEaston We Thank Coach Mike

As a community, we want to collectively thank Coach Mike Pike. His energy and enthusiasm for martial arts is contagious. What separates Coach Mike from the average person is that he cares so much for everyone. He constantly asks people how they are doing. This might seem small but he asks everyone how they are doing. Although Coach Mike does not train Jiu Jitsu, he stays after Muay Thai class and talks to all of the Jiu Jitsu students as well, so everyone knows Coach Mike. He gives back by doing his best to encourage every person he meets at Easton. He states, “This practically looks like coaching, helping a new student coming in with questions or technique, talking with people within the Easton community about how life is going, and listening to people.” 

If he ever has had a bad day, we wouldn’t know about it. He doesn’t show any negativity at the academy. This is his place. Easton Arvada is his home. We are his people. And we accept him for who he is. He says that’s what he appreciates the most about us. He calls himself “loud” and “intense” and those are the qualities that we love most about him. He is the loudest coach at Easton Arvada and we love it. The students he coaches get so amped up on his love for Muay Thai. Parents tell us how much their children love his class. 

But Mike hasn’t always been a coach. Before, he was just a dedicated student, helping others in his free time and being consistent. For two years he was a student. But we noticed Mike’s commitment and energy. We knew that he would be a great coach. So he started assisting kids classes and then a few months later he’s teaching adult Muay Thai. Mike is a “yes man” whatever you need, he will do whatever he can to make sure you are happy. He is known for his generosity, especially when it comes to protein bars. 

Easton Arvada is so fortunate to have Coach Mike Pike. He is truly dedicated to the community, and to martial arts. He is ready for anything that comes his way and we couldn’t ask for more out of a coach. From all of us at Easton Training Center Arvada, thank you Coach Mike Pike for all of your hard work. #TisTheSeasonForEaston


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