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November 14, 2017

Muay Thai Winter Smoker 2017

Sachi Ainge

Muay Thai Winter Smoker 2017

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What: Muay Thai Winter Exhibition Bouts

When: Saturday, December 9th, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: ETC Denver

Other info: Food truck and keg will be available! $5 donation for keg is appreciated. BYOB and snacks, desserts are welcomed! 


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On Saturday, December 9th, Easton will host its semi-annual Muay Thai Exhibition bouts at Easton Training Center – Denver! These bouts give our students a chance to put their skills to the test for the first time in a safe, controlled and friendly environment. The fights will consist of students from all Easton academies. They’ll be paired by weight and amount of experience.


The fights will be governed under modified Muay Thai rules, which means students will wear protective gear, and there will be no knees to the head or elbows of any kind. The goal of these exhibition bouts are to give students their first taste of Muay Thai competition in a controlled environment. Since all students participating train at Easton academies, there will be no distinguished winners or losers in these bouts. The goal is to gain invaluable experience performing in front of a large crowd, against someone you aren’t familiar with. We want to prepare our students for success in competitions down the road, and this is the first step for any Easton student who is interested in competing in Muay Thai. 


This event is open to everyone, so please come out and support the athletes as they make their first step in Muay Thai competition! After the fights conclude, we will celebrate all their hard work and commitment to training with some food and drinks. Join us at Easton Training Center – Denver for a great afternoon of exhibition bouts and hang out with our Easton Muay Thai community! 



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