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December 23, 2019

Heavy Bag Routine #6

Sean Madden

Heavy Bag Routine #6


The focus of this heavy bag training session will be to work on your inside game (zone 1). Using a mix of traditional boxing techniques and Muay Thai, this routine will help improve your offense and endurance while “in-fighting.”

Warm Up 

1 x 3 min round, jump rope, finish with 10 squats/10 push ups

1 x 3 min round shadow box, finish with 10 squats/10 push ups 

Bag Rounds 

3 min rounds, 45 seconds rest in between rounds 

R1) Warm up round, upper body only – punch & elbow 

R2) Warm up round, lower body only – kick, teep, knee 

R3) Warm up round, all weapons in 

R4) Dirty boxing on the inside – keep your head or shoulders touching the bag, work on using round punches on the inside to dig the body and the head. Step around and use angles, use your shoulders or forearms to push off and make some space to attack, then get right back to the inside. Try to keep your forehead touching the bag while “in-fighting,” to simulate being head to head with your opponent. 

R5) Muay Thai Clinch – this round, spend clinching the bag and using your Muay Thai weapons on the inside. Work on locking your hands, turning and pulling the bag, throwing round knees and stepping back for straight knees, while mixing your elbows in. Focus on your clinch posture and base during the round. If you break from the bag, work back into the clinch by first throwing a punch combination, then grabbing. 

R6) Repeat round 4, Dirty Boxing 

R7) Repeat round 5, Muay Thai Clinch

R8) Last round burnout. 30 seconds outside weapons, 30 seconds inside weapons. Dirty box or clinch. Alternate every 30 seconds for the total round. PUSH THE PACE THIS ROUND! 

Core Work 

  • 50 Thai crunches 
  • 40 Russian Twists 
  • 30 Leg Lifts 
  • 20 Plank Elbow Taps 
  • 10 Full Sit Ups 


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