Maureen Riordon

Arvada, Kids, Purple Shirt, Striking, Striking Coach

Coach Maureen Riordon was born and raised in Arvada, Colorado. She has associate degrees in both massage therapy and elementary education. She has two boys, Shane and Mason, who have both been training with her since 2010. Outside of working at Easton Training Center Arvada, Maureen is an avid writer for various outlets including online and in print.

Maureen has had professional fights in kickboxing, boxing, and MMA. She believes the only person who can dictate what is possible and impossible for her is herself. She saw an opportunity within her career goals to share that message worldwide. To this day, any time she struggles with her self-confidence as an athlete, she remembers her “What’s Your Possible” campaign, and it re-centers her.

Maureen has found immense fulfillment and satisfaction in teaching since she was a child. Aside from her Elementary Education degree, she has also taught adult education, and has been coaching various ages and skill levels since 2011. Training in martial arts has brought her such a sense of self-confidence and self-worth, that she wants to share this with others.

As a coach in the kids’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, Maureen is honored to be able to positively impact her students’ lives. She has studied learning and teaching styles in depth over the years, and adapts her teaching strategy to the specific group in front of her, which changes from day to day. She focuses on explaining why she is taking the given approach to the technique at hand. She believes if a person understands why and how a technique is applied, they are more likely to retain the information and understand it on a physiological and psychological level.

After every class, she wants students to feel like they have walked away with a little more than they walked in with. Being a slow starter in the martial arts herself, she understands that we do not need to improve in leaps and bounds. It’s the baby steps that take us on the longest, most fruitful journey.