Cory Sandhagen

Purple Shirt, Striking Coach

Cory is originally from Aurora, CO. He grew up very active, playing sports all his life, and he discovered Mixed Martial Arts when he was 17 years old. Since then, he has dedicated much of his life to becoming a better fighter. He began his journey at Nate Marquardt’s gym in Aurora. When he began studying Psychology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, he began training at Easton Training Center.

Cory loves the physical and athletic challenges of MMA. He also enjoys the healthy lifestyle, positive thinking and respect that is embedded in the sport. He was a natural from the beginning but that didn’t deter his work ethic. Cory trains hard, and often. He is always driving to ETC Denver, Easton Aurora (HAMA) and Muscle Pharm to train with the Elevation Fight Team.

Cory began teaching because he loves to help people accomplish their goals. Whether it be to fight, lose weight, meet people, or just have a good time, Cory wants to get them there. He wants people to experience the same incredible, positive people he experienced when he came to Easton. Ultimately, he wants people to feel good about themselves when they leave the gym. Cory’s instructional style is very encouraging and positive. When his students leave, he wants them to feel like they can take on whatever challenges they want in life. This is something Cory is incredibly passionate about, and he wants to share his passion with others, encouraging his students to think positively in hopes that it will lead to a better life for them.