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January 12, 2020

Easton Online Podcast: Sachi Ainge

Roxana Safipour

Easton Online Podcast: Sachi Ainge

Episode 7 of the Easton Online Podcast is now out! In this episode Eliot sits down with Sachi Ainge, the marketing director for Easton. Eliot and Sachi discuss her journey moving up from working the front desk at Easton Boulder to a management position in the company, and Sachi describes some of the marketing techniques that have made the school successful.

Show Notes:

3:50 – Sachi’s story: How she moved from Hawaii to Virginia for college, and eventually made her way to Colorado and found Easton.

8:45 – Sachi talks about her beginnings working the front desk at Boulder, and how she had to overcome social anxiety to do her job.

19:30 – Sachi worked to create a more welcoming and beginner-friendly environment at the school.

22:45 – Sachi sheds some light on the Easton sales method.

30:15 – Eliot talks about how learning to market a business is an iterative process, and how he still makes mistakes in this arena sometimes.

34:20 – Eliot’s motto for good management is “delegate and elevate”. You must always be delegating your old tasks to new people so you can take on new tasks and continue to grow.

40:44 – Sachi discusses the importance of keeping detailed SOPs and a regular staff meeting procedure.

54:05 – Sachi and Eliot discuss how Easton is a somewhat unique work environment because the staff are all friends. This leads to a very healthy morale and camaraderie at work.

55:30 – Sachi explains Easton’s strategy for student retention. It’s much cheaper to invest in keeping the customers you already have than to recruit new ones!


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