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January 5, 2015

Tournaments Galore | January 2015

Brian Carlsen

Tournaments Galore | January 2015

Happy New Year! The last year has been exciting, busy, and full of new things for all of us at Easton Training Center, and we’re so glad you’ve been along for the ride. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, and we’re looking forward to seeing you back in classes. We have big plans for 2015, so let’s keep the momentum going, and make this new year one to remember!

Upcoming Events

In-House Tournament

Shae SmithWe’ll be having another in-house BJJ tournament early this year. Details are still TBD, but keep an eye out for more announcements and sign-up sheets at your academy.

Recent Events

ETC DenverMore Mat Space and Heavy Bags at ETC Boulder and ETC Denver

We’re getting a new look for the new year! The kickboxing program has grown so much in 2014 that we need more space to accommodate all of our students and classes. So, over the holidays we’ve been doing some remodeling. We’ve added more mat space and more heavy bags at both the Denver and Boulder locations. In order to do this, we have scaled back our CrossFit spaces slightly. But CrossFitters, don’t despair! Our CrossFit program is in full swing for 2015, and we’re committed to bringing you programming of the highest quality. We’re also getting some great new CrossFit equipment, so get ready to get your AMRAP on!

Jay Jack Seminar

On December 6th, Professor Easton’s first black belt Jay Jack returned to ETC Boulder to run a special BJJ seminar. It was such a treat to have him and his students from Fargo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in town, and the seminar was a great success. The mat was full of students, coaches, and professors, and Professor Jay showed everyone some excellent BJJ techniques that are applicable not only in sport Jiu Jitsu, but also in self-defense situations.Jay Jack Seminar

Christmas Classic Muay Thai Smoker

ETC Denver hosted the first annual Christmas Classic Muay Thai Smoker on Saturday December 20th. Advanced students from all the Easton academies came out to show off their skills in a friendly competition. Their hard work and training were evident in each of their fights, and we had great showings by everyone. Afterward, competitors and spectators enjoyed a potluck lunch to wrap up the afternoon.

ETC Littleton is now ETC Centennial

ETC Centennial
Big things are happening in Centennial! ETC Littleton/Highlands Ranch has moved to a new location, and is now open for business in Centennial’s Arapahoe Village Center near the corner of East Arapahoe Road and South Holly Street. A lot of hard work and love went into this beautiful new facility, and we’re so proud to call it home.  If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and say hello and congratulations to Coach Vellore and his staff!

Fighters of the Year

James Strater-SmithIt’s great to see all the Easton  competitors put it on the line. This year Fight to Win acknowledged the accomplishments of five Easton fighters with their fighter of the Year award.

  • White Belt of the Year: Vassily Eliopoulos
  • Blue Belt of the Year: Trey Woods
  • Purple Belt of the Year: Shae Smith
  • Brown Belt of the Year: James Strater-Smith
  • Female Fighter of the Year: Gigi Good

Check out all the awards here.


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