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November 4, 2015

Third Annual Christmas Classic Muay Thai Smoker

Sachi Ainge

Third Annual Christmas Classic Muay Thai Smoker

On Saturday December 12th, ETC Denver will host our third annual winter Muay Thai smoker. This will be an exciting event, bringing together students, coaches, families, and friends from all corners of the Easton community. There is a spectator fee of $5 to help cover the cost of the smoker preparation and instructor time. Join us after the fights for a BBQ/potluck!
The striking program in the Easton academies is unique in that it provides avenues for students to pursue a wide range of goals. From overall fitness to professional fighting, and everywhere in between, Easton Muay Thai has something for everyone. Many people begin training in Muay Thai with the goal of eventually competing, and the summer and winter smokers are the perfect stepping stone for those interested in testing their skills in the ring. Advanced students with sparring experience are able to get a taste of fighting, all while in a friendly, supportive environment. Having such a widespread community to draw from means that we’ll see some match-ups that never happen in sparring classes, and competitors will be able to experience challenges from new opponents.

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