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July 29, 2014

Summer Fun | July 2014

Brian Carlsen

Summer Fun | July 2014


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Upcoming Events

Fitness ChallengeIMG_9934

Kick your fitness into high gear with our August Fitness Challenge. All participants will start by having an initial Fitness Evaluation to assess their baselines and create goals. They will receive a grocery list, a list of healthy habits and activities for the month, and a fitness journal. During the challenge, participants will commit to work out four times per week (at least two of these workouts should be in our kickboxing, boxing, or CrossFit classes). At the end of the challenge, there will be a final Fitness Evaluation to help you see how far you’ve come. The cost to participate in the Fitness Challenge is $5 for members, and $149 for non-members. Bring your friends, and sign up at the front desk!
First Fitness Evaluation – Friday 8/1 at 6:30 PM or Saturday 8/2 at 11:00 AM

Kids-Only ScrimmageIMG_0670

Saturday 8/9 at 9:00 AM

ETC Boulder will be having a morning of friendly Jiu Jitsu matches between our youngest students. All Tigers and Little Tigers are welcome to participate!

Fights in Golden

On Saturday, August 9th, Coach Wes Argrow and Kevin Paynter will be fighting in Sparta Combat League’s amateur Muay Thai event at the Buffalo Rose in Golden. Wes will be fighting Austin Jones, SCL’s amateur MMA welterweight champion. Buy tickets at the front desk of ETC Boulder.

Chris Tramell Returns to the Grizzly Rosephoto (1)

Did you miss Coach Chris Tramell’s last fight? Never fear! He’ll be fighting at the Grizzly Rose again on Saturday, August 23rd. Chris’ fight will be the main event at Sparta Combat League’s Mile High Mayhem. You can purchase tickets at the front desk of ETC Boulder.

medalsEaston Competition League

We are creating an Easton CrossFit, Muay Thai, and BJJ competition leagues! Teams will meet once a week for practice. Each season will last for two months. Teams are paired with an instructor who will coach them into a competition-ready state. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information, and sign up at the front desk of your academy.

Denver’s A List

Voting is down to the wire. Help us get voted ‘Best Martial Arts’ and ‘Best Place to Work Out’ in the Denver area by casting your vote. It only takes a couple minutes.

Recent Events

Jarred Mercado Wins His Fight

On Friday, July 25th, Coach Jarred Mercado fought on the Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) 16 card at the 1st Bank Center. He fought three rounds against Daniel Swain, and won by unanimous decision.

Terrence Moore Wins His First Pro MMA Fight

On Saturday, July 12th, Terrence “Dark Matter” Moore had his professional MMA debut in Midland,Texas. He fought Ricky Bailey, who was 1-0. Terrence took the fight on a week’s notice, and had to cut a significant amount of weight. He was nervous going in, knowing that the record of his pro debut would be with him forever.
During the fight, Terrence had the opportunity to display his proficiency with stand-up, as well as his ground game, and he was happy with his performance in the various situations presented by his opponent. He was especially excited that he had the opportunity to use his deadly elbows. At one point, Terrence was caught in a rear naked choke, and briefly considered tapping out, but he knew that his friends were in the audience and his BJJ instructors would be disappointed, so he escaped the choke and went on to win the fight by unanimous decision. Keep an eye out for the video on ETC Boulder’s Facebook page!

Coach Cory Sandhagen Wins His Fight

On Friday, July 18th, Coach Cory Sandhagen had a Sparta Combat League MMA fight at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock. He took the fight on ten days’ notice, and fought a third-degree Karate black belt named Desmond Esquire, who had a 2-1 record. Esquire came out throwing crazy kicks, and Cory took him down and landed some hard punches from the mount, TKO-ing him less than two minutes into the first round.

Jake Bell Medals at New York Open

On July 19th, Jake Bell traveled to The City College of New York to compete in the IBJJF New York Open. Though he had done a few local tournaments since receiving his purple belt at Pan Ams earlier this year, this was his first big one at purple. Jake was nervous going into the tournament because he’d heard that the NY Open is one of the toughest IBJJF competitions after Worlds and Pan Ams, so he knew there would be some tough competitors participating. This was also his first time competing without a coach, which also added to his stress level before the tournament. Read more here.

Kids’ Summer Camps Were a Roaring Success!

Our martial arts summer camps went amazingly well, with over 40 kids participating between the academies.
At ETC Littleton/Highlands Ranch, the kids’ self-defense summer camps were a huge success, in no small part because of the support of the academy’s families and local sponsors. Each day, the kids learned a different functional self-defense technique, with emphasis on learning through repetition and fun. The camp also included lessons about self-confidence, self-awareness, conflict avoidance, health, and leadership-building qualities.
Everyone had a great time playing games and learning new skills with our fun crew of instructors.
We’re already getting excited for next year!

T|aco Social

On Thursday, July 24th, over 50 ETC Boulder members and staff met up for food and drinks at T|aco on Walnut St. The tacos were delicious, and the company was even better! Keep an eye out for information on the next social, you won’t want to miss it!

Kids’ Martial Arts

Easton BJJ Littleton Kids Medal at Worlds

The Holly St. Grinders (a nickname the kids came up with) returned to the Kids Worlds BJJ tournament in Southern California once again this year. This was our third trip out for this tournament, and there seemed to be a lot at stake before we even left. For instance, one of our kids was returning after winning both the gi and no-gi for the past two years running. I knew this had to be a big source of pressure for him because the competition gets remarkably better at each level. Others were told barely a week before the tournament that they would be fighting in higher belt or weight classes due to the lack of competitors in their typical weight class. Find out how the rest of the tournament went here.

Student Highlight

Junior Rodriguez

Junior has been doing CrossFit since January, when ETC opened its new Boulder location, and is one of our first home-grown CrossFit athletes. He was inspired to get started by his friend Leister, who is also an ETC member. Junior wanted to get back in shape, meet new people, put himself out there, and try new things. He wanted to surround himself with friends who motivate, inspire, and believe in him. He loves the camaraderie of CrossFit, and the community environment at CrossFit ETB. For him, CrossFit is about more than just hitting the box. It’s a family coming together to help one another become better. At some gyms, people go alone, and wear headphones to lift by themselves. At ETC everyone is pushing their teammates, and cheering them on. He is especially thankful to his coaches for making classes fun and pushing him to do his best and get a hard workout. He thinks they do a great job of explaining things, and taking the time with each of their athletes to make sure they can perform each movement safely.
Junior says, “Getting a great workout, getting in shape, and seeing your body changing is icing on the cake. The best part is that I’m happier and always smiling these days. I’m more motivated, willing to get to know people, and I’m doing new things I never thought I would do.”
As a CrossFitter, Junior is most proud of his commitment, being in class every day, and having learned so much in such a short period of time. Now, new people ask him for advice, and he’s happy to help out and motivate the other athletes. His short-term goal is to keep working hard, and start lifting the prescribed weights in heavy-lifting WODs. In the long term, he’d eventually like to participate in CrossFit competitions.

IMG_9544 Junior

Instructor Highlight

Coach Steve Eisman

Coach Steve has been training in Muay Thai since his 20th birthday–about three and a half years now. As a fighter, his preference is for the Dutch style, i.e., merging the best elements of Western boxing with a heavy emphasis on leg kicks. As an instructor, Steve believes anyone can be truly great at Muay Thai and kickboxing, and strives to adjust his coaching to suit individual students’ needs. He uses positive reinforcement in all aspects of his instruction, and believes students should feel a strong sense of accomplishment after completing a physically taxing training session.
Coaches are only given a limited amount of time to sharpen their students’ kickboxing and Muay Thai skillsets during scheduled class times. If there are 20 students in a class, they only have about three minutes to spend with each person. Taking some private lessons can quickly change your entire game for the better. In Steve’s one-on-one private lessons, you can expect to experience one of the most high-energy hours of your life. He does his best to make sure his students get a solid workout while learning the intricacies of the sport in a gradual and technical manner.
Steve is headed to Thailand in September to train for a few months, so make sure to schedule your private lesson while he’s still available! Check out his profile, and he’ll look forward to seeing you all soon! Kob kun mak (thank you all so much).


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