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December 30, 2016

Nutrition Challenge 2017

Sachi Ainge

Nutrition Challenge 2017

It’s time for our annual Nutrition Challenge! Every January, Easton Training Center Boulder holds a month-long Nutrition Challenge to kickstart a healthy new year. For many people, New Year’s resolutions mean health and fitness goals, and we’re here to help! Register by January 7th at the front desk or online.
From January 14th to February 11th, Nutrition Challenge participants will stick to a healthy diet, while keeping track of their daily food intake, and committing to working out regularly throughout the month. CrossFit ETB’s Coach Emily will once again be your guide in this challenge. Emily has long been dedicated to healthy eating, and has run the Nutrition Challenge for the last two years. As an athlete, she has seen great results in her training as a result of improving her diet. And in her everyday life, she can always tell when she is giving her body the healthy fuel it needs. She’s done all the research, knows some great recipes, and she’s a great resource for anybody who is interested in building healthy eating habits.
This year, you can choose between the Zone Diet and a Whole Food diet. Both are great options for improving your eating habits, and finding your way to a healthier you! You’ll also have the option of Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing before and after the challenge. The testing truck has a dunk tank that measures body fat percentage, lean body mass numbers, resting metabolic rate, and an approximate daily calorie expenditure. Body fat percentage isn’t the only way to measure fitness and health, but Body Fat Testing is a great way to get a concrete measure of your progress, and see how much your body can change as a result of changing the way you eat! Participant will need to sign up ahead of time for their pre- and post-challenge testing times. Sign up for these testing slots is at the front desk.


Register by January 7th. Participants can choose one of these three options for the month-long Nutrition Challenge:
RX – $100
Includes Body Fat Testing BEFORE and AFTER the challenge, Zone Diet/Whole Food eating information, and a food log for daily tracking.
Scaled – $85
Includes Body Fat Testing BEFORE the challenge, Zone Diet/Whole Foods eating information, and a food log for daily tracking.
OnRamp – $35
Includes ZoneDiet/Whole Foods eating information, and a food log for daily tracking.


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