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November 28, 2016

Muay Thai Winter Smoker 2016

Sachi Ainge

Muay Thai Winter Smoker 2016

It’s time for our bi-annual Muay Thai smoker! On Saturday December 10th, advanced Muay Thai students from all Easton academies will get into the ring for an afternoon of friendly match-ups. The event will begin at noon, and friends and family are invited to attend! Admission is free, but we’ll have beer and a food truck, so bring cash if you plan to imbibe.
It’s not uncommon for people to come into their very first kickboxing class at Easton with the goal of becoming a Muay Thai fighter. The appeal is clear–martial arts training is first and foremost about self-defense, and testing yourself in a live combat situation is a great application of this kind of learning. Participation in this event is limited to students who rank at Green Shirt or above, and it takes many months of dedicated training to reach this level, followed by a great deal of sparring practice to learn to put the fundamental techniques into live reactions. This smoker is the exciting culmination of all this Muay Thai training, and for many, the first time they’ve had a real fight in the ring.
The beauty of this in-house smoker is the fact that it allows fledgling fighters a chance to get a feel for competition in a safe, friendly environment. The mood is sure to be buoyant, and the fights will be exciting, so don’t miss this chance to see your friends and teammates in action!


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