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August 4, 2017

Easton Muay Thai Summer Smoker Preview by Sean Madden

Sachi Ainge

Easton Muay Thai Summer Smoker Preview by Sean Madden

The Muay Thai Summer Smoker Details

What: Muay Thai Summer Smoker and Social

When: Saturday, August 12th, 2017. Fights start at 12:00 pm

Where: Easton Training Center Denver
1304 S Santa Fe Drive

Cost: Free admission. $5 cup fee for keg! 

The highly anticipated Easton Muay Thai Summer Smoker is right around the corner on Saturday, August 12th! Students from all of the Easton locations have been training hard in preparation for this annual event. The Easton in-house smokers give students who are interested in competing a chance to showcase their skills in front of their friends, family, and teammates, in a friendly and controlled atmosphere. These bouts are considered exhibition bouts (no winners or losers). They allow students to work out the initial nerves of competing in the ring. Though they are each facing an Easton teammate, it can still be very nerve-wracking to have all eyes on you with an opponent in front of you! 

The Hard Road

We put students at the Denver and Boulder academies, through an intensive, six-week training program. This preparation mimics the training camp of our higher-level athletes. We want our students doing the smoker to get a taste of what it’s like to train, prepare for, and compete in the sport of Muay Thai. The demands of this training are extremely high. Students must have discipline, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. Some of the additional training outside of regularly scheduled classes includes: extra running (15 miles per week), harder drilling and sparring, training 2-3 hours per night, dietary restrictions, additional one-on-one work with coaches, and intense cardio sessions. These sessions are designed to challenge the students physically and mentally while we prepare them to step into the ring for the first time. 

Generally after the smoker, these students have a newfound respect and deeper level of appreciation for the sport. They understand what fighters go through on a day-to-day basis preparing for competition. I love that we have the opportunity to allow our students a glimpse into this lifestyle in a safe manner by hosting our in-house exhibition matches. It is also equally great that their friends and family get to come watch them perform. It’s a special thing to be able to see their months of hard work come to fruition in the ring! 

Whether you are an active Muay Thai/Kickboxing student at Easton, or a BJJ member, we would love to see all of you at the Summer Smoker on August 12th! Come support our students who are competing! We look forward to a great afternoon of exhibition matches followed by food and drinks with the Easton family.





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