Striking Rank System Updates

First and foremost, thank you all so much for being a part of our striking program and our community! In the last couple of years, the Easton striking program has seen unprecedented growth, and we’re so happy to see the art of Muay Thai building relationships and changing lives across the Front Range.

With this growth, our systems must continue to evolve in order to bring each of you the best possible training experience. In order to improve uniformity across ranks and clarify the path of progression through our program, we are adding two new ranked shirt levels: Yellow Shirt and Orange Shirt.

The rank system will now be organized as follows in Boulder, Denver, and Centennial:

Please note that these eligibility minimums are guidelines only, not a guarantee of promotion. All promotions are at the discretion of our experienced instructors. Shirt promotions will be awarded to students who train consistently, and who take classes that challenge them appropriately. For example, an Orange Shirt needs to regularly attend Intermediate or Mixed Muay Thai classes to earn a Green Shirt.

Beginning August 22nd, 2016, students already in the Muay Thai program who are currently White Shirts will be promoted to the rank of Orange Shirt, and White Shirts in the Kickboxing program will be assessed for eligibility for promotion to Yellow or Orange Shirt. As part of the updated system, students will receive a certificate with their new rank shirts.

As always, it is important to wear a shirt in the color corresponding with your rank. This is not necessary in Kickboxing Level 1 classes, but is required in all Muay Thai classes, and beginning August 22nd, also in Kickboxing Level 2. Wearing your rank color in class serves the practical purpose of being able to estimate someone’s skill level at a glance for safe and beneficial partnering. Equally significant is the fact that your rank is a symbol of where you stand, all that you’ve achieved, and what you’re shooting for next. You’ll receive an Easton Muay Thai ranked shirt with each promotion, but you may wear any appropriately colored shirt in class.

Finally, we are always here to help! If you have more questions about how things will shift as we implement our system improvements, please feel free to ask your instructors!



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