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January 10, 2019

Why Enroll My Child in Martial Arts?

Zack Chandler

Why Enroll My Child in Martial Arts?

Why enroll my child in martial arts?

The short answer: At Easton Training Center we not only teach kids martial arts, but life skills. They learn to not only cope with life’s struggles, but to excel in life as a leader. Our kids acquire these skills by putting in time and hard work on the mat. Mat Chat talks at the start of every class and coach-student interactions reinforce these lessons. So come try a free class, and enroll your child in martial arts at Easton Training Center today!


In the live setting of combat sports, children are forced early on in their martial arts career to cope with losing (especially in jiu-jitsu, where the tap is a clear acknowledgment of defeat).  Our students are taught to detach themselves from the pressure of “winning” in order not only to access the techniques they’ve learned, but to clearly process everything going on around them. Our Soneca and Gordo seminar article discusses this in more detail.


In every kids’ martial arts class, coaches encourage four key attributes. First is respect, along with discipline, energy, and focus. Like all the skills our coaches encourage in our students, respect is instilled through consistent training.  I can say from personal experience as a martial artist and a coach that after dedicating yourself to meeting any substantial challenge, there comes definite appreciation and respect for others who have done the same.


Very tough but encouraging, the discipline maintained at ETC is unparalleled. Keeping your child in this setting can be beneficial for him/her in many ways. A study published in Association for Psychological Sciences, “found that self-discipline predicted academic performance more robustly than did IQ. Self-discipline also predicted which students would improve their grades over the course of the school year, whereas IQ did not” (Duckworth and Seligman 942). The article in its entirety can be found here.


Martial Arts are not easy, and neither is life. Nothing is handed to you. You might put your all into something, and you still might fall short. Such is life. At Easton Training Center, we strive to teach our students to view these so-called “failings” as learning experiences.  Easton students quickly build confidence on and off the mat by accomplishing goals and pushing themselves past their comfort zones on a regular basis.

Physical Health

Along with the psychological and emotional benefits of enrolling your kid in our martial arts program come the self-defense and physical health benefits! Muay Thai and Jiu-jitsu are both proven to be extremely effective martial arts in the ring and on the street, and will motivate your child to push past his or her own limitations.

An Open Invitation

Easton Training Center is serious about teaching your child how to act on and off the mat in a safe environment, all while having fun. Come try a free kids’ martial arts class and see what we’re all about!


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