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December 16, 2019

What’s happening in Boulder December 2019?

Zack Chandler

What’s happening in Boulder December 2019?

A lot happening in Boulder as of late! Our staff has been busy preparing for the holidays and all of the Easton events associated with this time of year. Stay updated on the latest goings-on at our members’ webpage!

‘Tis the Season

The Holidays are upon us, and in true holiday fashion, Easton is running a couple of holiday promotions. Join us in the spirit of giving this season by checking out what these promotions are all about!

Gift a friend 1 month of training

Think of all the wonderful things training has given you. Share the gift of martial arts with a friend! Members can purchase a 1-month gift card for a friend for $49. More details on gift cards.

Winter Muay Thai Smoker

ETC Denver hosted 22 amateur Muay Thai exhibition fights last weekend in which 44 athletes put it all on the line. These fighters trained hard for several weeks leading up to the smoker and showcased great technique and heart during.


Strict expectations were placed on the athletes planning on competing. Sparring was required (once or twice a week tech sparring, once a week hard sparring) as was extensive conditioning in and outside of class.

The Event Itself

Great fights overall. As was observed by many, the level of skill rises with each event. Also, the fights were very exciting to watch due to the excellent physical shape these fighters were in (compounded with excellent technique).


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