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May 10, 2016

Seminar: Self Defense and the Law

Sachi Ainge

Seminar: Self Defense and the Law

Boulder – Saturday June 11th 1:30 PM

Denver – Saturday June 25th 1:30 PM

Our goal as a martial arts academy is to prepare you for anything life throws at you. Our hope is that you will never be forced to use the physical techniques you learn on the mats against another person. However, in a dangerous situation, you may need to take measures to protect yourself. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities in the eyes of the law.
We’re lucky to have several members of Boulder law enforcement in our community. Sergeant Alastair McNiven is a blue belt, and a regular at evening Jiu Jitsu classes at ETC Boulder. He’s been part of the Boulder Police Department since 1999, and as a night shift Patrol Sergeant, he is no stranger to the world of late-night altercations and their consequences.

Sergeant McNiven will be holding seminars on Self-Defense and the Law in Boulder and Denver. At his seminars, he’ll discuss how to avoid getting into a physical conflict, and how best to handle the situation if you do.

This seminar will cost $25. Because Sergeant McNiven is generously donating his time, all proceeds will be donated to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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