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December 20, 2009

Professor Sus’ Sunday Class!!!

Amal Easton

Professor Sus’ Sunday Class!!!

Sunday class will be amazing!

Tomorrow should be a really fun day of training…a lot of the MMA guys are off for the holidays so they will be in to train pure jiu jitsu…Brendan Schaub, Cody Donovan and others. Fun, hard training but at least no one is trying to punch them in the face. You can try your hand at keeping Brendan down in side control…I can’t seem to do it!

We also have a new student Dan St. John…google him. He was wrestler of the year in 1990 for ASU and wrestled for team USA…he’s quite a handful as well!

You know the drill…doors open at the Denver academy at 10:30 am and training starts at 11. We’re open until 1pm! The training tomorrow is NO GI…I repeat…NO GI!

We’ll see you on the mats!

Prof Sus


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