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July 11, 2012

Nate Marquardt Reveals Exclusive Details – ” I Intend to Break Woodley” – And he did!

Amal Easton

Nate Marquardt Reveals Exclusive Details – ” I Intend to Break Woodley” – And he did!

Last night Nate Marqardt did exactly just that in the 4th round with a KNOCK OUT! Predictions of his very own in regard to fight against undefeated Tryon Woodely stand correct. With Nate out of it for over a year, he proves to still have it! Congratulations!

Check out this Exclusive Interview from Easton Training Centers very own Nate Marquardt. Nate expresses his thoughts on upcoming “Strikeforce middleweight Fight” against Tryon Woodley July, 14th in Portland.
Marquardt also reveals his feelings towards training with former team mate Eliot Marshall, who recently transitioned to Coach Eliot Marshall.
– Interview By: Jarred Mercado

Mercado: You have not fought in over a year, what have you done in that time to stay sharp and avoid ring rust?
Marquardt: I’ve had 3 camps in this time so I stayed sharp and in shape

Mercado: Any changes in your training? Have you brought in anyone who mimics Woodleys fightstyle?

Marquardt: No changes. I always have top training partners and this camp is no different. Wrestling with Coach Bowling at GTC and ETC with 8 plus all Americans and a handful of national champs and runner ups has been a big plus though

Mercado: You are fighting an excellent wrestler and great athlete in Tyron Woodley, while he has been criticized for lack of exciting fights he continues to win. How do you plan to overcome woodleys wrestling?

Marquardt: Knock him out.

Mercado:You live and train at elevation: this is a five round championship fight. Do you see conditioning playing a factor and how does that affect your game plan and the pace you fight at?

Marquardt: Yes. I’m in excellent shape and have great stamina and I intend to break woodley.

Mercado: You have been in the sport for 15 years, yet your coaches have praised you for continuing to be a student of the sport. Talk to us about which areas you still think you’re developing?

Marquardt: I’m developing everything. My ground with coach Marshall, my wrestling with coach bowling, my boxing with coach Ramos, my athleticism with coach Landow, and my ninja skills with coach mcniven

Mercado: Being that Woodley is such a dominant wrestler , are you planning to spend some time off your back and have you worked specifically on situations if he does wind up in your guard?

Marquardt: Yes and yes. I’ll be ready wherever.

Mercado: Part of your training camp is through Easton Training Center. One of your former teammates Eliot Marshall is now the head coach there, how has that relationship transformed as he has gone from teammate to coach?

Marquardt: It’s been awesome. He was always great in training but he didn’t always perform to his ability in fights. Though he made it to a world class level, he was much better than his fights would show. He has taken his experience and uses it in his coaching. Many coaches were never fighters at this level so Coach Marshall has an edge in that respect

Mercado: If you win you are the strikeforce champion, is there anyone in the division that you would think would be an exciting match for your first defense?

Marquardt: One Fight at a time!

For more details on Nate Marquardt, visit to stay updated with final results. We will have more details regarding a post-fight interview as well.


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