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November 2, 2016

Muay Thai Seminar with Kru Bob Perez

Sachi Ainge

Muay Thai Seminar with Kru Bob Perez

bob-perezKru Bob Perez will travel to Colorado the first weekend of December to teach two Muay Thai seminars in Boulder and Denver. Kru Bob is the co-owner and head coach at Houston Muay Thai in Texas, and comes from the famed Saekson Janjira lineage. He has 20 years of Muay Thai experience, and has trained over 50 amateur and professional champions in his time as a coach. He’s worked with multiple UFC fighters, and currently coaches the quickly rising heavyweight Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis. He’s received several coaching awards, including the Texas MMA Coach of the Year for three years running, and the Texas Striking Coach of the Year in 2014 and 2015.
His two Easton seminars will cover different material, so this is a great chance to get in a full weekend of learning!

Boulder Seminar Saturday 12/3

Denver Seminar Sunday 12/4

Times TBA

Early Bird Registration by 11/18: One session for $30 or both for $50
Normal Registration by 12/2: One session for $40 or both for $70
Day-Of Registration: $50 per session at the door

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