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March 27, 2024

Kids Comp Program, Season 2: ODYSSEY

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Kids Comp Program, Season 2: ODYSSEY

The Kids Comp Program had an incredible first season with Genesis, and now we’re thrilled to announce the second season of the 2024 Kids Competition series in ODYSSEY.

This season is more than just about winning; it’s about the journey, growth, and the timeless spirit of the warrior.

Inspired by the journey, challenges, and triumphs of martial arts and life, the theme of Odyssey is steeped in the rich heritage of Greek warrior culture and mythology. It also pays tribute to the original mixed martial art —  pankration, in which thousands of years ago, Greek athletes combined wrestling and boxing in no-holds-barred contests that tested human endurance, skill, and spirit.

This ancient sport mirrors the multifaceted challenges faced by our young athletes today as they embark on their own modern-day odyssey through training and competition. Accordinly, Odyssey’s theme and patches draws inspiration from ancient Greece’s legendary figures and heroic quests.

Mark your calendars for these FOUR exciting events!

4/6/24 – Submission Challenge

4/13/24 – AGF Denver

6/8/24 – Tap Cancer Out

6/22/24 – Fight 2 Win

Each tournament, your Tiger has the chance to earn a special, one-of-a-kind patch! Tigers earn patches based on participation and effort, and the more divisions they participate in, the more patches they can earn. In line with our promotion ceremonies, seasonal patches will be awarded in our classes throughout the season.

The Patches: Mythology

In Season Two, students will get to choose one of two patch designs for each level.

Level 1

Amazon / Spartan:  The Amazon is a fierce female warrior, while the Spartan is known for his combat skills and disciplined lifestyle.

Level 2

Atalanta / Achilles: Atalanta is a skilled huntress and warrior known for her speed and archery, while Achilles is a powerful Greek hero famous for his martial skills.

Level 3

Artemis / Apollo: Artemis is the goddess of hunting and wilderness, symbolizing independence and archery mastery. Apollo, her twin, is the god of light, music, and healing, representing the balance between intellect and physical prowess.

Level 4

Athena / Ares: Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, promotes the integration of intelligence and military might. Ares, the god of war, embodies combat’s chaotic nature and a warrior’s raw strength.

Requirements to earn patches

Little Tigers (4-6yo)

Level 1 – One Division

Level 2 – Two Divisions

Level 3 – Three Divisions

Level 4 – Four Divisions

Tigers & Teens (7yo+)

Level 1 – Two Division

Level 2 – Four Divisions

Level 3 – Six Divisions

Level 4 – Eight Divisions

Where should we put these patches?

We recommend affixing the “Kids BJJ Competition Team” patch on the shoulder of your child’s Gi. We recommend placing the seasonal patches along the lapel of your child’s gi. Wherever you choose to put them, please refer to the IBJJF’s guidelines on legal patch placement before doing so.

We are incredibly excited for this year and hope you are, too! Get ready for a season of fun, challenge, and growth! Click here to stay in touch and sign up for all Kids Comp Program communications including upcoming events, deadlines, seasonal information and more!


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