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December 8, 2015

Kick Down 121: Wreckoning

Sachi Ainge

Kick Down 121: Wreckoning

On Saturday November 21st Coaches Steve Eisman and Eddie Maestas went to war in Aurora for Kick Down’s Wreckoning event at the Stampede. Both fighters won decisive victories, and Steve wrote a Bruise Brothers blog post about the experience (laced with humor and some strong language).
JR Gordon wrote the following recaps of the fights for MMA Buzz:
Steve Eisman vs. Jake Gallagher in a 136 lb. kickboxing fight. Eisman opened with a prolonged and strong flurry of leg kicks, twice dropping Gallagher. Gallagher was unable to continue and the referee stopped the fight after the second knockdown. Eisman scored the TKO win at 0:44 of round one.

Eddie Maestas vs. Justin Monroe in a 145 lb. fight. After a striking exchange, Maestas scored a bodylock takedown, and after a scramble he took full mount. Monroe worked to escape, but Maestas took back control and tried for an armbar. Monroe defended and escaped to end in the guard of Maestas. Maestas worked for a triangle choke until the bell ended the round. Round two had a flurry of punches from both fighters that led them into a clinch from where Maestas scored a takedown. From side control Maestas transitioned to full mount to work GNP until the bell ended the round. Round three went to the mat immediately with Maestas having to escape a guillotine attempt. After taking mount Maestas transitioned to back control to try for an RNC but Monroe turned in and worked solid GNP. Off of his back Maestas trapped an arm which he was able to lock out to score the submission victory with the tapout coming at 2:47 of round two.Eddie2


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