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July 2, 2018

June 2018 Arvada Newsletter

Matthew Bloss

June 2018 Arvada Newsletter

We can’t believe it’s over halfway through 2018! Phew, that went fast. June was another quick one, and we had more than our fair share of events and happenings. Read on below to catch up on everything ETC-Arvada.

Colorado Academy Seminar 5/29-6/1

To kick off the month of May, Coaches Matthew Bloss & Haydyn Deason led an amazing group of students from Colorado Academy High School through a week-long self-defense seminar. Ranging from Freshmen to Seniors, the group charged through five days of Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu based self-defense workouts with all the energy you would expect from a lively group of high-schoolers. Great job coaches, and we can’t wait for next year’s camp!

Belt Promotion BBQ on 6/23

On June 23rd, our entire Easton Community came together for another incredible belt promotion ceremony. We were all thrilled for our friends and students who graduated to a fresh BJJ rank, but it was the day’s extracurricular activities that again showed off how willing our community is to go above and beyond for each other. After an amazing promotion ceremony led by Professors Amal Easton and Eliot Marshall, the afternoon shifted into a spirited randori between all of the new belts before moving into the real festivities of the day, our first ever BBQ cook-off competition between all EIGHT Easton academies. All proceeds raised from the day went to the Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation wing. Giving back to our community at large is always something we strive for at Easton, and as always it was inspiring to see not only the turnout, but the impact we continue to have as a tight-knit, but very large community.

A special thank you goes out to ETC-Boulder’s Sachi Ainge, and ETC-Arvada GM Jeff Ake for the countless hours spent on making this day a success! We couldn’t have had such a wonderful day without yours, and everyone else’s effort. Easton Arvada’s full promotion list is below.

Blue: Craig Weller, Lewis Bui, Allison Buchannon, Britta Thornton, Dan Hoffman

Purple: Kyle Sweeney

Brown: Andrew Smith

Black: Kieran Hussey

New Evening BJJ Schedule

Pacing the month, we adjusted our BJJ schedule to consistently keep BJJ Fundamentals at 6:00 p.m., with Advanced/Intermediate BJJ at 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Classes have been as popular as ever with the new times, but please let us know how the new schedule change is working!

Upcoming: Summer Muay Thai Smoker on 8/4

We are pleased to announce the next Easton Muay Thai Summer Smoker will take place at ETC-Denver on August 4th! We have another solid batch of ETC-Arvada students making their first foray into competition, and as always expect a strong showing from our Arvada community. We will have more details as the event nears closer, but for now be sure to mark your calendars!

Upcoming: Kids Camp August 6-10

Our first Kids Camp session from June 11-16 was a great one! Don’t forget, we have our second session coming up from August 6-10 open to both members and non-members.

Easton Training Center Arvada’s summer camp is an active week spent learning the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai with our staff of fun, energetic instructors. We also emphasize character development through our daily Mat Chats, where instructors instill the fundamental martial arts values of respect, discipline, and confidence. And of course, plenty of fun and games.

Both beginners and advanced students are welcome! Online registration can be found here, so help us spread the word, and let’s make this another great year for our Kids Summer Camps!


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