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June 29, 2016

July is Buddy Month in Boulder and Denver!

Sachi Ainge

July is Buddy Month in Boulder and Denver!

Bring in your friends and family for Buddy Month this July! For many of us, training at Easton has changed our lives in a big way, and Buddy Month is your chance to share your passion.

For Members

  • Bring in your friends for our designated Buddy Classes all month. Their first class is free, and we offer a great special if they want to continue.

No Appointment Necessary (But giving the front desk a heads up the day before is super helpful!)

  • Please bring friends in early so there’s time for paperwork and gear. See timing for classes below! Minors need to have a waiver signed by a parent before participating. Download our waiver here.


Available Buddy Classes Buddy Schedule


Available Buddy Classes


    • Earn a Buddy Point for every friend you bring in. Save up your Buddy Points, and redeem them for prizes!


 Redeem Your Buddy Points


    • In each program, we’ll have a grand prize for the student who brings in the most buddies who become new members! Grand prize winners will be announced at the end of August.


 Grand Prizes

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For Buddies

  • Free first class in any program.
  • Buy the Buddy Pass – $15 for two weeks of training in all programs. 
  • 1st Day Special – If buddies immediately set up a membership to begin after the Buddy Pass finishes, the Buddy Pass will be valid for one month instead of two weeks, and they will be exempt from the $100 Enrollment Fee.



  • Limit one free class per buddy during the month of July–space is limited. Thanks for understanding!
  • Multiple members may not earn buddy points for the same person.
  • The two-week Buddy Pass may be purchased at any time during the month of July, but the 1st Day Special add-on option is only available on the day of a buddy’s first visit.
  • The Buddy Pass may not be purchased by anyone who has been an Easton member in the last six months.
  • Limit one grand prize per family.
  • Buddy Points cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.
  • Buddies who join but subsequently cancel within their first month of training will not be charged their first membership fee. They also will not count toward the grand prize tally.


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