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May 3, 2016

Instructor Highlight: Wes Martin

Sachi Ainge

Instructor Highlight: Wes Martin

Wes Martin is a coach in the CrossFit program at Easton Training Center Boulder, as well as the head of Boulder’s Olympic Weightlifting program. He got his start in weightlifting in high school while training for his track and field events. During that time, he worked with a coach who also worked with NFL players, and who taught Wes the proper technique for the competitive lifts performed in the Olympics. When Wes entered the Marine Corps a few years later, he found his passion for CrossFit, which was aided by his strong background in Olympic Weightlifting. In the years since, Wes has continued to develop his CrossFit skills, focusing on the lifts, and emphasizing them in his teaching.
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As a smaller athlete, one might expect Wes to be at a disadvantage in his sport, but his early training helped him to develop strength disproportionate to his size. This carries over well to the gymnastic movements of CrossFit, where being larger can present unique challenges. Wes is currently recovering from an injury, but once he’s fully healed, he aspires to qualify for a national level Olympic Weightlifting meet, and to continue to compete in CrossFit leading up to the 2017 CrossFit Open. In the meantime, he is focusing on passing along his knowledge and technique to his students.


Wes became an instructor because of the enjoyment he derives from CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. Since getting started, he’s been constantly searching for more information on how to better himself, and sharing what he learns with his friends, training partners, and now students. Wes says that watching an athlete progress in their sport is especially rewarding when you’ve witnessed their dedication and hard work. He strives to provide individualized coaching to all of his athletes, adapting to each person’s skills, challenges, and motivation to help them keep moving forward. Wes says, “Before and after class, I make it a point in my coaching to see how your body and mind are feeling. These are indicators of how training is going, what we need to change or maybe there is something outside of the gym that we need to address. Overall, as a coach, I want to do all that I can in order to make sure the athlete is succeeding.”


Due to their technical nature, the two Olympic Weightlifting movements tend to present students with difficulty in CrossFit workouts, and Wes saw an opportunity to help them to develop these skills. At the beginning of 2016, Wes established ETC Boulder’s Olympic Weightlifting program. The three-month class is open to adult students from all disciplines, and is structured for two types of athletes, and is split up accordingly. For beginners within the sport, technique and range of motion are the focus, while the second group is for more advanced lifters who need more strength coaching and specific training. Regardless of which sport you train in, this class can help you grow as an athlete. Olympic Weightlifting is not only about gaining strength, but also building explosiveness and increasing mobility–all three of which translate well to any sport.

For those interested in Olympic Weightlifting, a new twelve-week cycle will begin on May 9th. To register, please contact the front desk at ETC Boulder at 303-938-1275  or Register Online!



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