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June 25, 2015

Terrence Moore: A Coach and a Fighter

Sachi Ainge

Terrence Moore: A Coach and a Fighter

Coach Terrence Moore started his martial arts journey three years ago in Amarillo, Texas. He joined Elite MMA and began training under Coach Chris Tramell in hopes of becoming a MMA fighter. Prior to joining the gym, Terrence was working as a DJ, and he says, living a lifestyle where he wasn’t prioritizing his health and fitness. Once he started training, martial arts became his primary focus, and he spent the majority of his days in the gym, training hard.


When he and Chris moved to Boulder, they began training at Easton Training Center, and Terrence began shadowing Chris’ classes, and began teaching his own classes in January of this year. This has been his first coaching experience, and he now regularly leads both children’s and adults’ striking classes. As a coach, Terrence has learned that each student’s needs are different, and patience is invaluable. He enjoys knowing that he’s helping to mold the next generation of martial artists, watching them grow as people, and mature under Easton’s kids program. He believes martial arts classes help his students to figure out who they are as individuals, stay active and become more

Terrence has recently returned from a six-week stint in China, where he was teaching adult Muay Thai and fitness classes in a gym called Titan MMA in Shenyang. It was his first time leaving the United States, and he lived in an apartment near the gym. Most of his students in Shenyang were beginners who spoke little to no English. He says that initially he found the language barrier frustrating, but he overcame it by using physical communication, and being very deliberate in his demonstrations with technique.
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Terrence has found that the precision required of him as a coach has also improved his own martial arts practice. When teaching beginners, he is careful to show them each motion with perfect form, which forces him to closely examine his own technique. Terrence is also an active fighter, whose fearsome skills belie the gentle demeanor he has with his youngest students. He had his first professional MMA fight last year, attaining his original training goal. He has also had two professional Muay Thai fights. It’s not uncommon for a new student to come into Easton with the goal of becoming a fighter. To those students, my advice is to emulate Terrence. He is in the gym every day, putting in work, and his dedication is evident in both his training and his coaching. If you enjoy his classes and are interested in learning more from him, ask him about private lessons!
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