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June 1, 2015

Muay Thai at the Grizzly Rose

Sachi Ainge

Muay Thai at the Grizzly Rose

It was an exciting Saturday at the Grizzly Rose this past weekend, when we sent three fighters into the ring for Sparta Combat League’s Striker’s Quest V. This all-Muay Thai card was full of impressive performances and close fights. Our strikers put on a great show, cheered on by their Easton teammates, students, and friends.
Coach Steve Eisman was up first, and after three high-paced rounds, unfortunately, the decision didn’t go his way. After the fight, his opponent described him as “tough as nails,” and rightly so. Steve is planning to take fights throughout the summer, so keep an eye on the announcements, and be ready for his next move!
steve head kick steve teep
Cody King’s fight was for the SCL Featherweight title, and it was an exciting one! Later named Fight of the Night, Cody says it was the toughest and most emotional fight of his life. He and his opponent Trevor Massey both delivered a multitude of hard, accurate shots. In the end, Cody came out on top, winning the split decision, and bringing home the title belt. Watch the video of Cody’s fight here.

cody kick cody body cody win
Coach Dan Wilson’s fight was his professional debut stateside, and the main event on the card. In three rounds with Zac Riley, Dan looked right at home in the ring. He fought with fluidity, showing off his impressive takedown skills, and unleashing a barrage of killer knees. The judges were split again, with Dan on the winning side of the decision. Watch the video of Dan’s fight here.
danny body kick dan flying knee dan win


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