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August 3, 2015

Focus of the Week 8/3/15

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week 8/3/15

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

8.3.2015 – 8.9.2015


Fundamentals – Guillotine

  • Standing Guillotine – Defense and Offense –  Simple, yet devastating, the guillotine choke is one of the most popular and widely used submission holds in Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and MMA. This choke is a high-percentage technique that can be readily executed even by people with minimal strength and athleticism. We will be looking at the standing version of this move this week, both offensively and defensively.
  • Guillotine from the Bottom of Guard – Sitting up in guard to attack with the guillotine. Doing it from this position allows us to control the opponent’s movements even better than standing, where they have a few more options for escape.

Intermediate – Butterfly Guard

  • Sprawl – Stopping the takedown can be as important as getting one! Sprawling in order to shut down your partner’s offense is usually the way to go. We will be working on our sprawls for the next two weeks.
  • Butterfly Guard – The butterfly guard is when we are seated with our knees up and our feet on the inside of our partner’s knees as they’re kneeling. This is a great position to be fluid in. It is great for no gi training and gi training alike! Come in for class this week and learn how to sweep in all four directions from here!

Kickboxing – Round Kicks

Round kicks are the most essential technique to a solid Kickboxing or Thai Boxing arsenal. The round kick in these two sports is unique from other styles of kicking in martial arts in that the goal is to kick THROUGH the target, not just TO the target. Think of your shin as a baseball bat as you swing it at the heavy bag. The power and torque from the round kick comes from driving off the back foot and turning your hips and shoulders into your kick! Make sure to use your WHOLE body to throw a kick, the leg is just the point of contact!

Fitness Challenge: Mountain Climbers and Leg Extensions

Muay Thai – Round Kick Follow-Ups

Throwing a round kick can present a variety of scenarios after the kick has landed. This week we will look at our kick commands based on the distance after the kick. KICK RETURN, KICK PLANT, and KICK FOLLOW will be the three main calls to drill this week, off the rear-leg round kick as well as the lead-leg switch kick!

Kids – Body Over Emotion

We’re continuing our discussion of the importance of self control, particularly keeping our body under control when we experience negative emotions.


  • Little Tigers – More Guard Monster for the little ones this week, practicing using the closed guard to control distance.
  • Tigers – Tigers will be working on the fan sweep from the bottom of guard, as well as defending the rear choke.
  • Advanced Tigers – The advanced group will be practicing taking the back from the closed guard.

Muay Thai

We’re looking at the round kick this week–one of the most important tools in a Muay Thai fighter’s arsenal, and one that can be constantly improved.


  • Coach Wes Argrow and Coach Cory Sandhagen are fighting at the Grizzly Rose this Saturday August 8th. Tickets are available at the front desk of ETC Boulder or through the fighters!
  • Both Coach Peter Straub and Gigi Good are fighting on the upcoming PFC card August 14th! Get your tickets ASAP and don’t miss this one! Both fighters come to win and always put on a good show! You won’t be disappointed!
  • In-House Muay Thai Smoker and BBQ on August 29th! Check with the front desk or the Muay Thai/Kickboxing coaches for more information or if you’d like to sign up. This will be a great opportunity to showcase what you’ve been learning in a relaxed environment.
  • Belt Promotion in Centennial on Saturday the 15th of August from 11-1. Two new ETC Black Belts will be promoted by Professor Easton, along with four new brown belts and more!! Come by and roll with us to celebrate!


The depth and strength of a human character are defined by its moral reserves. People reveal themselves completely only when they are thrown out of the customary conditions of their life, for only then do they have to fall back on their reserves. – Leonardo da Vinci



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