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September 28, 2016

Flexible Dieting with Coach Gwen

Sachi Ainge

Flexible Dieting with Coach Gwen

With summer behind us, many of us go back to more rigorous schedules and routines – which for some can be a positive, but for others a challenge. “Flexible Dieting” with Coach Gwen can help you to adopt a balanced approach to nutrition and keep you on track for your health & fitness goals!
Flexible Dieting (or IIFYM) is a way of eating that allows you the flexibility to eat ALL kinds and types of foods, as long as they fit within a prescription. This prescription is very personalized to you: your goal, current fitness and activity levels, your day job, stress levels, eating habits, health conditions, etc. Let me help you tailor a personalized program to fit your specific fitness goals!


Pricing for nutrition coaching is as follows:

3 month minimum commitment (12 weeks)


Who is this program good for?

Someone who is…

  • committed to making a change
  • open minded
  • tired of hopping from diet to diet hoping to find the right one – this is not a “fixed” diet, this is a method to find out what works best for YOU
  • tired of missing out on their favorite food


Who is this not good for?

Someone who…

  • has any serious medical constraints
  • is looking for a quick fix but not committed to making lasting permanent change
  • is looking for a diet that feels like a diet


What will you get?

  • A better understanding of your relationship with food
  • Tools to become a happier and healthier you
  • A body you love and built with hard work
  • Strategies to get in control of your diet
  • The goal of this program is to start working towards a body and mind you’ve always dreamt about, and to feel like food has no power to cause you stress, frustration, or discomfort. Throughout the program, you will learn how to navigate your relationship with food. We want you to love yourself and your body, all while connecting and engaging with the people and activities that make you happy, truly happy.
  • What we enjoy the most about flexible dieting is that our diet is no longer a guessing game. Food is everywhere. We celebrate with food, work through heartache with food, and it really makes us feel good! Flexible dieting allows you to enjoy the pleasures that come with eating but relieves you of the stress and shame that comes with not knowing what choices to make. Can I have potatoes with my steak? Should I choose salad as a side instead? Flexible dieting can make this choice simple and clear for you.
  • We have successfully helped members to achieve their personal health and fitness goals, now it’s time to share it with you!

    Contact Gwen at: or (303) 990-7247

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