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July 1, 2019

Etiquette on the Mats

Roxana Safipour

Etiquette on the Mats

If you are new to BJJ, we are excited to have you training with us here at Easton! This article covers a few tips about BJJ etiquette for new students to practice on the mats.

Bowing on and off the mats

It is tradition to always pause briefly and bow before stepping onto the mat. When leaving the mat, turn around to face the mat and bow again before stepping off.

Addressing your instructors

Anyone with a black belt should be addressed as “Professor.” If your instructor is wearing a brown, purple, or blue belt, they should be addressed as “coach.”

Sandals in the bathroom

bathroom sandals

It is important to keep your feet clean before walking on the mat. We’re all sitting and lying on the mats, rolling on them, and sometimes putting our faces on them, after all. If you leave the mat to go use the bathroom, put on shoes or sandals. Some Easton locations offer communal sandals to use outside the bathrooms, or you can bring your own. 

Personal hygiene

Hygiene is very important in grappling sports and is key to preventing the spread of skin infections. You must wash your gi after every training session. If you plan to train frequently, you may need to purchase more than one gi.

Keeping nails trimmed, jewelry removed, and long hair tied back for training are also important courtesies to your training partners.

Slap, bump, roll

When you earn your second stripe, you will be ready to start sparring or “rolling.” Before any roll, it is tradition for partners to first slap hands and then bump fists. Then you are on your way!

We hope you enjoy training at Easton, and please always feel free to ask your instructors if you have any questions about BJJ etiquette.


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