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October 14, 2019

ETC Denver October, 2019 Newsletter

Nick Mavrick

ETC Denver October, 2019 Newsletter

What’s New at the Denver Academy?

New Gear Has Arrived!

They’re here! New Solid Kimono gis have arrived! So many of you have asked and finally the new kimonos have dropped. The cut will be familiar but the color scheme is totally new. The base of the new uniform is a bright white and the accents are a dreamy, almost pastel green and purple. The full-color patch that was a feature of the royal blue Solid Kimonos has been replaced with the slick gray and white Easton Logo reminiscent of the old black and gray gis from a few years back.

With fewer stark accents than the prior line, this gi is clean and bright. The big show, however, is the inner-lining of the new jacket. It’s the stark and energetic samurai design inside that really sets this gi off. New gis are in stock at the Denver location now.

Also, the Quickflip Hoodie has arrived. You might know the design from Rener Gracie’s appearance on Shark Tank. It’s a zip-up hoodie that converts quickly to a backpack. No more tying your hoodie around your waist when the sun is high in the sky. You can also put your wallet, phone, water bottle, etc. in the Quickflip backpack. Check out Rener’s video here and Professor Marshall’s here.

Another Successful In-House Tournament

If you didn’t make it our to the Easton Fall 2019 In-House Tournament on October 5th and 6th, you missed the best one yet. Professors Jeff Ake and Velore Cabellero outdid themselves, putting on another stellar event. This time around, there were 345 total registrations between kids and adults, gi and no-gi.

Everybody won and everybody learned. These events are so much fun because of the all-academy comradery that they promote. They are also an important step for many future competitors who just want to get their tournament feet wet before they move on to bigger external competitions.

Competitors, spectators and volunteers all enjoyed lunch from the Adobo food truck along with a lot of cheering and laughter.

Be on the lookout for the next In-House competition Spring 2020 and join us at the Denver Academy to see what the hype is about.

Instructor Highlight: Ana Mayordomo Garcia


Height: 5′ 4″ Weight: 115 lbs Age: 19

Years training: Almost 3 years (Dec, 2016)

Current rank: Purple Belt

Date Promoted: June 4, 2019

When can we find you on the schedule?– Kids Classes Monday-Sunday, enrichment program Thursdays at 7 am, Arvada Fund/Int 6:30 am

What do you love about teaching Jiu Jitsu? I love helping my students better understand the way BJJ works and how they can put everything they’ve learnt together to develop their own game. Oftentimes this means explaining a certain concept or technique in different ways to reach as many students in class as I can, which can be very challenging, yet equally rewarding. On top of that, teaching has made me a much better practitioner and competitor. I find a new detail to whichever technique I’m teaching in every single class I coach. It’s a never ending learning process!

What are your personal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu goals? I want to become the best competitor and teacher I can possibly be. Obviously I’d love to become a black belt world champion, but I think trying to become the best version of myself is far more important and far healthier for me.

Tigers’ Halloween Party

Saturday October 26th will be the Tigers’ Halloween bash. Professor Junior and Coaches Nick and Ana will host the festivities as costumed kids play games, eat pizza, and maybe indulge in a little candy, too. Cost will be $20 for single kids or $35 for 2 or more.

Check in with the front desk for details!


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