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February 16, 2020

ETC Denver February, 2020 Newsletter

Nick Mavrick

ETC Denver February, 2020 Newsletter

What’s New at the Denver Academy?

Enrichment is back! Many of you have stopped by the Front Desk and inquired about the next cycle of the Enrichment Program is enrolling now. There are still spaces available. The Enrichment Program has been evolving through the first two and now third iteration.

It will still be a small group private curriculum aimed at 1-Stripe through 4-Stripe White Belts. Advancing to that coveted Blue Belt is difficult and time-consuming. This program can help to accelerate that process. The current cycle will cost $100 for 8-weeks of concentrated instruction. Participants will be assigned an instructor and meet once a week in groups of 6-8.

This program has been a huge success so far. It has been the push that many higher-level white belts have needed to get that Blue Belt. It has also proven to be a stronger foundation upon which newer white belts could build their knowledge of positions, mechanics, and even the rules of the sport.

There are still a few slots available for the upcoming cycle, which begins the week of 2/24. Stop by the front desk for details.

Easton Denver Kids Show Up On the National Stage

Easton Denver Tigers Head Coach Nick Gamez-Ramos led a small contingent of athletes and parents to Long Beach, CA for 2020 IBJJF Kids’ Pans this month. The 2-day competition was held at the Walter Pyramid, home to Long Beach State basketball and volleyball. Five Tigers, ages 8-13 (4 participants) and 5 parents made the trek with Coach Nick on a quest to prove that the ETC Denver kids BJJ program belong at the national competitive level.

The team officially registered a record of 3-4 and came away with one Bronze medal. More importantly, they proved to themselves that they can win on a big stage with high-level competition. Each kid seemed to have gotten a big dose of exactly what they needed in terms of personal lessons. Some came with joy, some with tears.

Most importantly, the kids and parents all had a blast! Some of what’s wrong with kids’ BJJ is that it is a big business just like the adult divisions. It can suck the joy and fun out of the sport for the kids, especially those who will come up short as competitors (which is most). Coach Nick wants his team to win matches, but he also wants to foster a life-long love of the art and that really shows up in the way that he interacts with each kid.

If you have kids in the Tigers program and are interested in learning more about the growing Competition Team, upcoming events, and further travel plans, contact Coaches Nick and Ana Mayordomo-Garcia.

Instructor Highlight: Jason Kramer


Height: 5’9″ Weight: 182 lbs Age: 46

Years training – 10 years BJJ. Always with Easton BJJ since our old school on Broadway. The martial path started for me with Okinawan Karate when I was 12 (1985!). That turned me on to Zen which also lead to full contact stick fighting in the early ’90s. I got itno Kempo in 1993 where I earned a black belt in 2007, 1st degree in 2008 and second degree in 2011 from Martin Buell of Aiea, Hawaii. I’ve dabbled with some Judo off an on the past couple of years with the Denver Buddhist Temple and Denver Judo Clubs, but nothing too serious.

Received Black Belt: “baby” black belt.  January 14, 2020

When can we find you on the schedule?Denver Happy Hour. Every Friday at 6.

What do you love about teaching Jiu Jitsu? I love being a part of something that improves someone’s life in a direct and positive way. Noting is cooler than helping someone reveal something about themselves through the struggle found on the mat.

What are your personal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu goals? Above all else I want to be the best coach and human I can be. Building a game that I can enjoy and implement effectively into advanced age. Get better at yoga and bring Zen practice into my Jiu Jitsu. Staying true to the self defense roots of Jiu JItsu.

Coming Up!

ETC Social Event at Dave and Buster’s

Come out and socialize with Easton Denver teammates in a non-chokey setting and see what they look like in civilian clothes at the next ETC Denver social event. Festivities will be held at the Dave and Buster’s location at 2000 South Colorado Blvd. on Saturday 2/29 from 7-9 pm.

Buy your ticket in advance on Eventbrite here. $20 gets you entry, food, and a $20 game card. It’s a great deal and it should be a great time.


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