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June 7, 2017

Elevation Fight Team Moves to Easton

Sachi Ainge

Elevation Fight Team Moves to Easton

Elevation Fight Team on the Move

Elevation Fight Team has officially made Easton Training Center its new home. The team of MMA competitors has until recently been based at MusclePharm Headquarters in Denver. Elevation Head Coach Eliot Marshall announced the move on Facebook on May 18th. In the post, he expresses his gratitude for MusclePharm’s years of support and partnership, as well as his enthusiasm for the team’s next chapter. “The time to move to more of a traditional setting is now,” says Eliot in his post. The move means that members of the team will be able to hone their skills in an environment solely dedicated to martial arts.

Since its inception, Elevation Fight Team has had strong Easton roots. Indeed, when the team was first established, it split its time between MusclePharm and Easton’s Denver location. In the following years, coaches Eliot Marshall, Leister Bowling, Christian Allen, Cody Donovan, and Loren Landow have built Elevation Fight Team into a large group of fighters committed to training and competing at the highest levels of MMA. The current team bears some names that will be familiar to those who follow the UFC. These include Cory Sandhagen, Neil Magny, Drew Dober, Bojan Velickovic, and Curtis Blaydes.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Several of the Elevation fighters have been regulars at the Easton academies for some time. But now, the whole group of about 30 fighters will now be doing all their martial arts training at Easton. In addition to daily Pro Team practices, they’ll be able to take advantage of the academies’ regularly scheduled classes and curriculum. As head coach, Eliot is excited about this because it means the fighters will have more opportunities to learn.

They’ll also have a greater diversification of training partners. Whereas previously they only had one another to train with, the Elevation team members will now be part of a much larger community.  This means they’ll be training with skilled martial artists spread across the whole family of academies. “It’s hard to get better when you only have a handful of training partners,” says Eliot. “It’s with a variety of styles that there’s big improvement.” Likewise, the Elevation fighters will bring their own particular skills and experience to the classes they attend, bringing up the level of training for Easton members as well.

The arrival of high-profile fighters to Easton also presents an opportunity to share our core values with a broader audience. Eliot is a constant advocate of self-improvement through martial arts. His work with Elevation is no exception. “MMA is thought of as such a barbaric thing, but we’re a positive bunch of dudes who are trying to better our lives. We do that through fighting—the application of pressure to ourselves. When you apply pressure, you grow.” It’s an exciting time to be part of this community, and we’re looking forward to growing with Elevation Fight Team!

Fighters Bojan Velickovic and Neil MagnyElevation Fight Team Selfie


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