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September 17, 2019

Easton Centennial September Newsletter

Jesse Stemple

Easton Centennial September Newsletter

What’s been happening..

Let’s see what’s been going down at Easton Training Center Centennial this August and September and what to expect in upcoming months..

Easton took a squad out to Las Vegas for Master World’s, Las Vegas Gi and No Gi Summer Open, International Novice Championship, and Kids International Championship the week of August 21-24th.
At the largest combined IBJJF event of the year, it was amazing to see the Easton team come together in numbers to compete and support each other!
Congratulations to everyone who put it on the line and competed and a special shout out to all those who medaled with their performance!

More Tournament Shoutouts..

Congratulations to Professor Brett who took gold at No Gi Pan Ams this past weekend! What an honor to share the mats with you, sir!

Shout out to Coach Levi, Coach Jade, and Coach Trent for traveling to Colorado Springs for the Grappling Industries Event and bringing back some hardware! Always a pleasure to be represented by you killers!

Congratulations to both Clay and Caleb for their quick submission victories at Colorado Jiu Jitsu Club 3 Pro Show!

Check here for the recap on Easton’s performance at IBJJF Nationals earlier this year…

Easton Centennial September Student Highlights

This month we are not just highlighting one student: we are highlighting a family!
Meet the Sojos!

We are so excited to highlight the Sojo family this month!
The entire Sojo family has been a pivotal part of the Easton team for many years.
In 2011, siblings Emma, Wilson, and Corina joined the Easton squad for the first time.
Shortly after, Mom, Maria, and brother, Javier joined in 2012, followed by sister Victoria in 2013.

It is not uncommon to come into the gym and spot the entire Sojo family either training or supporting one another.
It is inspiring to not only see their support for one another as a family but as team members and as part of the Easton community!

While the entire Sojo family are jiu jitsu forces to be reckoned with, Emma and Wilson both have very notable competition histories.
Both having trained with Easton since 2011, the two siblings have used their experience and their serious dedication to rack up medals, belts, and super fight victories.

As two of our most dedicated students, Emma and Wilson are constantly traveling to multiple Easton locations to get in the best and most diverse training sessions. Not to mention, Emma has recently started training with Elevation Fight Team to focus on her MMA career.

They may beat us all up on the mats daily but we are so thankful to have the opportunity to share this journey with them and their entire family! Thank you guys for making our gym, team, and community so much better with you in it!

Easton Centennial September Professor Highlight

Say hello to Professor Philip Miller!

Professor Philip Miller is the man!
Professor Philip is a black belt who has been with Easton Training Center since 2015. Throughout his time in Colorado, he has made a huge impact at Easton Training Center Centennial. Professor Philip has previously taught adult gi and no gi classes at the Centennial location. He has consistently been a part of the kids program, where he continues to lead the advanced tigers program. He is now also the head instructor at the Easton BJJ Foothills Club in Indian Hills, Colorado that offers classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We love Professor Philip, not only for his dedication to jiu jitsu and our academy, but because of his welcoming attitude and diverse teaching style. He brings a very unique jiu jitsu view to the mats and is always intentionally observant of every student’s individual jiu jitsu style. Professor Philip has a way of making sure all his students feel included and as an active participant in class. He is a fierce competitor, amazing coach, and an incredible addition to our team and family. We are so lucky to have you as part of the Easton community! Thank you for everything you do!

So what’s coming up next..

  • September 21st: Coach Jade will be teaching our first Functional Movement Class that will continue Saturdays 11:00-12:00!
  • Tuesday September 24th and 26th, Professor Justin will be teaching the Advanced No Gi Classes at 7pm!
  • Don’t forget our new classes!
    • Tuesday/Thursday Tiger’s No Gi with Professor Vellore at 4:15. Grey/White belts and up, ages 7-13. Please wear your belt to class.
    • Saturday 12:00-12:45 Tiger Gymnastics and General Fitness Class with Coach Jade.
  • September 29th: Coach Jaymin’s Kids Comp Camp!
    • Camps are 4 weeks long each
    • Little Tigers Sundays 9:30am
    • Big Tigers Sundays 10:30am
    • $150 for the 4 week camp
  • October 5th and 6th: Adults and Kids Easton In House Tournament. Register here.
    • Volunteers are needed for referees, table workers, set up, clean up, and check in table.
  • October 26th:
    • Halloween Centennial Ninja Night! 5:30-8:30pm. Ages 4-14. Register here!
    • Adult Social at Half Penny Brewery

Make sure to log on to Flograppling to catch both Professor Eliot Marshall and Professor John Combs at ADCC September 28th and 29th!


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